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Bosch Dishwasher SHE65T55UC-X01 smells and molds plastic

Bosch Dishwasher SHE65T55UC-X01

Why does my dishwasher smell and mold my plastic?

I've had the same rotten smell problem, as many posted, after purchasing a stainless steel Bosch over a year ago. Smells like rotten garbage and my plastic dishes (pre-rinsed or not) get black mold after only one day in washer. The stink is even when only 4 or 5 items are in the washer. The vinegar and dw cleaners work for a couple of days; then stench returns. Reps came to look at it a few times during first year and adjusted temp. They recommended NOT rinsing and running it daily ! (Now how does that rate as energy saving ?) Nothing works. I've read all comments about P trap and loop. Our double sink has T configuration and the P trap is under the floor (basement ceiling) rather than under the sink. The dishwasher hose is looped mid-sink level. Note, however, this problem never existed with old dishwasher with same plumbing set up. Odors disgusting. Ruining my plastic too and wondering how much unnoticed mold we're consuming too. Any help please?

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The bottom screen and filters can be removed as we always do still an odor well I disassembled the inside vertical water supply and you talk about crud under the vertical wash supply and 2 screws then it snaps out and 1/4" of greasy smelly crud no one can get to unless dissembling . Worked on it about a good half hour. Ran two cycles and no more odor!


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First pull the filter and possibly replace it. Here's the part:

Next I would replace the check value that keeps drained water from seeping back into the machine.

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ok barring any problems with the waste pipe set put some hydrogen peroxide through it it will kill any bacteria ,they use it in industrial washers !

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So the initial cause of the mold is not your fault in most cases with the Bosch brand. They come with mold in them from the factory due to a flaw in their testing process which is to not completely dry the unit before it is sealed up, shipped, and sits in a warehouse for weeks or months. Once there is mold in you unit, you CANNOT EVER get rid of it completely. Mold spores require some pretty heavy duty sterilization (usually with chlorine bleach) to kill them. You can't use bleach in your dishwasher without destroying the rubber seals and parts. Once the mold starts, you are hooped. You'll never get rid of it. All you can ever hope to due is control it by always using the SANITIZE cycle and never closing the door. Even then, it is tough.

Bosch is notorious for this. Bought mine at HomeDepot and after I returned the first one, the sales person admitted that it is a problem with 3 out of 4 Bosch units. (nice of them to tell me after the fact.)

When you first unpack your dishwasher, open it up. If you see ANY residue at all....IT IS MOLD! Water dries clear and does not leave any visible residue on the stainless steel. IF you see ANYTHING. SEND IT BACK!

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