The 2013 edition of the Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet by Amazon. A budget edition of the new Kindle line, with a lower screen resolution than the HDX, and lacking the 2012's camera. Released October 2, 2013.

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Kindle Fire HD 2013 Black screen but I hear sounds.

My Kindle Fire screen wont come on at all. I here sounds when I hit the power button or adjust the volume and plug and unplug. What could be the problem. LCD?

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I had this problem and just fixed it in a way you won't believe . . . Remove the battery and put tablet in the oven at ~ 120 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes! I had posted problem in Google+ forum for the 2013 KFHD and that was suggested. Here's link:

Boy, was I skeptical, but the tablet screen is now working. Here's detail:

I charged the battery, then removed it. It was REALLY hard to get out. If doing again I'd for sure get iFixit's spudger, but I used a 3/4"-wide length of credit card to get started, then a couple heavy-duty plastic knives. The battery is thin and wants to bend so this has to be done carefully.

I set oven to lowest temp, 150, and used an oven thermometer, (which also had lowest temp of 150, so there was some guesswork involved in getting the temp right.) Anyway, after preheating I turned off oven, let it cool down until thermometer went below 150 (guessing when it was about 120), and then popped in the tablet for 10 minutes, leaving oven off. I let the tablet cool down, reassembled and plugged into computer and voila(!), screen came on. I didn't get the back on tight at first so power button didn't work, but fixed that and now Kindle is working great!

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I don't get it. Are you supposed to put the tablet in the oven or the battery? Also, how long should I preheat it for?


LOL, like first line says, put only the *tablet* in the oven after carefully removing the battery (per iFixit diagrams). I preheated for about 10 minutes--doesn't take long to get up to 120 degrees. I turned off oven and left it off because I didn't want it coming on with sudden blast of heat and exceeding 120. Also, I put the tablet screen-side down on a piece of foil laid on a center rack.

This is a way to fix the GPU, which was apparently the problem. See comments near end of the link I left for more info. So cool to have a working screen again!


I was skeptical, but ... I removed my battery, preheated my oven as low as it would go (170) and then turned off the oven and opened the door to get the temp down to ~120. I checked at 8 minutes and found the temp back at 150 so I removed it a minute early. After putting the Kindle back together, it powered right up!


But how did you remove the battery???



Just leave the battery for 8 hours not connected and forget the Oven. ;)


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all you need to do is disconnect the battery and re-connect it. This re-sets the Kindle.... I made a short video here.....

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Worked perfectly for me. No need to put it in the oven :) but good starting suggestion. The soft reset procedure with the power button didn't work for me.


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you need to hold the off button for twenty seconds i just did it it works. After you press it wait a bit

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