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Updated version of the original iPad 2, released in March of 2012 with a smaller die processor and updated internal construction. Repair will require the use of heat and careful prying.

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Front Panel Digitizer Assembly & Bezel Installation

There are no instructions for assembly. I've removed the old bezel and front panel digitizer (the camera bracket and home button came off with it). I've cleaned the surfaces so they are now clean and not sticky. My questions are :

1). Do I install the bezel first or the front panel? (My guess would be the front panel)

2). How do I align the camera bracket and home button on the panel with the rear assembly?

3). How do I route the digitizer cable around the LCD screen?

4). Other than taking off the adhesive backing off the front panel assembly, what steps do I take to mount the assembly on to the rear assembly?

5). How do I mount the bezel?

Pictures would be great. A guide with some instructions would be nice. Simply saying reverse the steps of the tear down does not help at all.

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1. Bezel. The digitizer will fit into the bezel. All of your parts should have come with adhesive. If they didnt you might want to send them back and find a part that is preassembled.

2. Use the old one as a guide.

3. You have to pull the lcd out. The digitizer cable routes under the lcd cable. So the digitizer cable is installed and then the digitizer is laid flat next to the ipad while you then put the lcd back in. Then you carefully fold the digitizer back over onto the ipad and seal it.

4. You have to clean the contact areas very well and remove all old adhesive. If your part did not come with adhesive on it you will have to use black or red thermal activated tape and cut your own out. Epoxy is the best thing to remount the home button and camera holder if you didnt get a preassembled part. You can use black or red tape as well but it might come off.

5. See 4 and 1. Also, it goes into a grove around the edge of the ipad and should have come with adhesive on it. It only fits into the groves one way.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Front Panel Replacement

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The front panel assembly that I have has an already mounted camera bracket and home button. My question is how do I align or position those pieces with the rear panel when I try to attach the front panel?


It will auto align once you lay it down. Put the cable side edge of the digitizer on first and as you lay it down like closing a book, make sure to fold the digitizer cable inwards (towards the LCD). You dont want a backbend (towards the frame) in it where it sticks to the adhesive and makes a lump because it touches the frame. Folding it wrong can also make the cable get micro breaks which will cause digitizer failure in the future.

As you lay the digitizer down push the cable side edge so that it is flush against the bezel / frame, watch the corners and make sure they are flush. As the top and bottom begin to make contact with the frame keep the digitizer centered and flush all the way around. Dont press on it just gently keep it aligned. Once you have it flat and are happy with it being flush on all the sides apply gentle pressure around the edges making sure the edge of the digitizer is going flush against the bezel all the way around. It should self align at this point.


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