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Liquid damage, replaced logic board, now won't turn on

I spilled water on my MBA mid 2012. I shut it down immediately and dried it but it wouldn't complete the boot up when I tried to use it again.

Took it apart and inspected all parts. Replaced the logic board and battery. Everything else looked ok so I hoped this would get it to run again however it will not turn on.

When plugged into power the light starts green then changes to orange. The fan is operating.

Nothing happens when I push the power button or do an SMC reset.

Wondering if the next step is to replace the I/O board or keyboard? Neither appears to have any damage though.

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An update on this:

I replaced the upper case and the mba does now turn on. However, the trackpad does not work and there is no backlight. Screen is working as I can see it but it is very faint.

I think the problem with the back light will be the cable as it is a logic board just purchased from ifixit which I assume will be fine. Any way of just replacing the cable?

The keyboard is working fine so I assume the fix for the trackpad may be a new one?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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I disagree on replacing the trackpad. They are seldom damaged by liquid spills. The keyboards however are almost always shorted out. The power button shorts out. Replace the keyboard first. If you saw no liquid on the logic board it may be just fine. After the keyboard is replaced use an external monitor to see if the video has been damaged. I have yet to receive a faulty part from iFixit, their parts carry a lifetime warranty so they really check them out.

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If you plug in the charger and it light starts green then changes to orange that means the DC-In board is okay.

As far as the computer not responding when you press the power button, that can be liquid damage on your keyboard or trackpad. The keyboard is connected to the trackpad then to the logicboard. So i would replace the trackpad first. But before you do that. Try plugging the charger in with the battery disconnected.

Your computer should turn on from that, if not there might be something wrong with the logic board you replaced.

Also Check your display connector to see if it was damaged by liquid.

I hope my answer helps you. If it does please mark it as chosen.

Feel free reply if you have any more questions.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for your response Sunny.

I plugged the charger in with the battery disconnected and nothing happened. The logic board was purchased from ifixit and came with paperwork saying it had been tested and was ok but I guess it could be faulty.

Display connector looks fine.

I've taken the battery out and had a closer look at the trackpad and I think this could be the problem. I'm going to have a go at a thorough clean and see if that helps. May need to replace it.


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Define "wouldn't complete the boot up"

Does not turn on at all?

Turns on, fan spins for a quarter spin then stops?

Turns on, fan continues to spin, but it doesn't chime?"

Turns on, fan spins, it chimes, but nothing on the screen?

Turns on, fan spins, it chimes, and the screen turns on but it doesn't boot into the operating system?

Specifics and an answer will follow, but no guessing or replacing $@$* for no reason!!

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Initially - 'Turns on, fan spins, it chimes, and the screen turns on but it doesn't boot into the operating system''. It would try to boot up and about halfway along the progress bar it has a fit and about a 1/3 of the screen would be filled with code and error messages.

I opened it up and replaced the logic board as that is the only part that appeared damaged (I also replaced the battery with a new one as the battery was pretty much stuffed prior to the water spill).

Now - Does not turn on at all. With a new battery and new logic board when I plug in the power it is green for about a second then goes to orange. The fan is spinning. If I push the power button nothing happens. Connect the power with the battery disconnected the screen flickers once but remains black and nothing else happens.

I looked closer at the track pad and the keyboard connection does look corroded as well as the small parts on either side with 6 screws in each.

Not sure what else to add. Let me know if you need further specifics


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