Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iTunes error 53 while restoring after screen's been replaced

Hello guys

Really need your help, as i now have no phone at all and it gives me hard time.

Basically I felt my iPhone 6 and screen got cracked 2 months ago, that time I was really busy in studying so I didn't have time to go to Apple Store to fix it, as nearest one is 50 minutes by train, so i had to go to non authorised phone repairing shop. My screen was replaced, quality wasn't best one and I argued with them, and they politely told me to **** off and they can't get it back.

And now the story begins, only after couple of weeks since my screen'd been changed i managed to mention that my touch id stopped working, so i called them they told me to restore firmware and it would work again. I tried to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 8.4 yesterday through wifi, but it gave me error that it couldn't be done. I tried to upgrade it through laptop, and while upgrading iTunes showed me error 53, and my iPhone officially became a brick. 100 times i tried to restore it (dfu mode, normal mode and all other things) and it still in recovery mode.

Now I'm not in the city where I changed the screen, so i can't go there and ask them wtf, either they broke touch id while changing the screen or they just took mine and put me fake one.

And now the questions are:

1. Do I have any chances to fix it? From your portal I've just found a comment in other similar topic, where it says that i can restore my iPhone with disconnected touch screen and touch id, and then when it's done connect them back.

2. If first point wouldn't work, will Apple Store replace my iPhone? or no, as my screen was changed in not authorised shop and warranty went off?

Sorry guys for my English

Fingers crossed

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Guys can anyone help?


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2 Answers

I would go back to the shop that changed your screen and complain error 53 is a different touch id sensor then the original. If they don't do anything i would file a charge back on your card. The apple store wont replace your phone unless you buy yourself an original screen and put it on yourself and take the phone to the apple store that way they hopefully wont know.

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Thanks Miles, but the problem is as i mentioned above that I'm not anymore in that country, and coming back to there only in couple of months...

So what about restoring iPhone with pre disconnected touch id and touch screen? Will it work?

Really appreciate


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Im afraid to say your phone is a brick, the home button is apparently 'paired' with the logic board, any tampering or replacing of that button or its connecting assembly will result in error 53. At the moment, despite there being several people posting apparent fixes on youtube there is to my knowledge, no way around it

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