The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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iPhone 5S little water damage. How to clean it?!

Hello, i've got my hands on an iPhone 5s gold wich has never been openend before. But it has (sadly) water damage. I took it appart today and i cleaned te connectors of with 70% denaturized alcohol. Still no power.

The water damage is on the bottem section where the battery connector and dock connector is. And there was a littlebit of rust on the sim slot. I removed the logicboard but there are no stains or rust/corrosion on the big EMI plateon the underside. The battery connector got corroded and so for the actual battery connector so i think i have to replace that one. But the dock flex was fine but it still dind't powered on without the battery connected while plugged in the charger. Is that normal? Screen is absolulty fine i tested this one on an known working iPhone 5S logic board. And it was only at the bottem where the battery nonnector is and where the loudspeaker ect is. How can i completely clean it and is a battery replacement needed? It doesn't turn on without.

Touch ID connector got a veeeeerrryyy little bit of corrosion to but thats already gone! :D but the water damage was minimal but it rusted due to its time been like that.

Every answer is more then welcome!

Btw its an gold iPhone 5S]

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I posted some macro shots, can you guys see some burning or missing components? I can't see the at al! But you guys are better in this. Let me know! And btw the rear camera is free of dust and moisture so that tels that it wasn't hapeavy and it was only at be bottem section.

If you are wondered why the water sensor at the top left is triggered, thats because a dumped this logic board in 70% denaturized alcohol and it has water, before this it was clearly white. Hope you guys help me furter!

I'll get some isopropanol later this day with destilled water :D



This is the capacitor!!!


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Hey LorenzoVHH, try to disassemble your device then clean each and every part with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Then if it doesn't turn on or charge, you might have to replace some parts. Do that first then let me know how it goes.

-Let me know how it goes.

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Hello! Thanks for your answer! I've cleaned all components already, still no power. I gonna get 90%+ isopropyl alcohol tommorow with destiled water. And i gotta soak that logicboard in there! It was only at the bottem side a little bit. And a very small amount on the top emi shield where the 2 black stickers are and one of the sickers got an barcode + serial number. But i doubt i got underneeth there. But i have to replace the battery? And will an iPhone 5S atleast turn on without battery connected just only on an charger?

Thanks anyways for your comment and i gonna get alcohol tommorow.

One more question, there are all diffrent types of alcohol and all diffrent types of values, wich one should i get? Isopropanol? And what is the minimum value? 90%?

And whats the maximum time i can let my logic board in e alcohol bad? I heard some comments about alcohol degrading logic board if to long in there but never saw something about it on the internet.

Tanks anyways and sorry for the long text!


LorenzoVHH, follow the advice given by iApple, I just added some clarification about the steps in my answer.


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LorenzoVHH,the very first thing you want to do is to not try to restart the phone. This may further damage your phone. The next thing to do is to clean it. Disassemble your phone using this guide Then clean it with +90% isopropyl alcohol. remove all the EMI shields. You can not properly clean it with those on. Follow this guide, and even so it was written for a 3G all the points are still pertinent to your phone. yes you can soak the complete board in it. Time does not matter. While you clean your board, check for any obvious damage, like burned or missing components etc. Double check your battery connector. When it is properly cleaned, replace the battery. All these steps are to avoid delayed failure caused by corrosion. Once all this is done, reassemble your phone and reevaluate.

iPhone Image


Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage



1 - 2 hours

iPhone 5s Logic Board Image


iPhone 5s Logic Board Replacement



20 minutes - 1 hour

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Thanks for your answer! Too bad mine logic board has soldered EMI/RFI plates. Is there no way to get the corrosion out underneath the EMI plates? Like putting it in an ultrasonic cleaner or something els like a vibration bad with alcohol and the logic board. Mayby alcohol and compressed air will help? I really want to get this thing fixed! I want to use it as an gaming device and music device and a little bit for the camera nothing more than that (i want tu use it as an secondary phone) i hate to take my iPad mini 3 everywere to play games that smooth while the 5S has about the same performace. This is the reason why i want get it fixed!

Tommorow i'ill get some isopropanol and destiled water to get this thing to work. One more thing, will the alcohol degrade my logic board when to long in the alcohol bad?


No it will not degrade. There can be, and most of the time will be, corrosion on the components under the shields. I would suggest to unsolder those. Ultrasonic would definitely be the way to go. Remember that corrosion on the smd components can destroy those. This may not be an easy fix and may require a lot of checking with a good magnification i.e. microscope.


Thanks oldturkey03! I learned a lot from this response myself.


There are some people who offer a cleaning service which consists of removing the EMI shields, cleaning in a pro ultrasonic machine, rinse and dry. Then they offer to repair it for a bigger fee, if it looks repairable, or just send it back clean so that you perform the remaining steps such as testing, replacing parts, etc.


Oh, then i gotta do it tommorow! I'am going to post some pictures to! Thanks everybody for your help i hope you guys wil help me tommorow i also gonna make pics of connectors and the whole logic board. I couldn't see any corrosion but most likely its under those anoying shields. The battery needs to be replaced for sure but i couldn't get one fast so mayby i can revive this one temporarily since it is still outputting voltage.

One more thing i've noticed, when i connect the phone to the charger, there is no electrical output on the battery connector, is that normal? I plugged it in without battery and nothing. I did this in the morging before i started this topic. However thanks guys i have learned some interesting things to!

And btw i bought this iPhone for €50,- in the Netherlands. Housing is a littlebit scrached but i tought its a pretty good deal since there is no iCloud lock whatsoever.

Tomorrow i'll get some cleaning stuff :D


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