An easy to use home Espresso machine created by Saeco and rebranded for Starbucks. This machine is excellent for every day espresso drinkers and has an excellent build and product life.

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Pump seems to be working, but no shot coming through portafilter.

We've had our Starbucks Barista for years and have used it regularly. Awesome machine. Recently though, we can't get a shot to pull. The pump sounds normal, so, we hear the pump push water into the portafilter, but then, the "swoosh" sound of when the pressure pushes the shot out never comes. Sometimes, water leaks around the portafilter, but most of the time, nothing comes out. When I release the portafilter, it either splats everywhere, but most of the time it is just water and grounds, or just wet grounds. I cleaned the portafilter as recommended on your site and reassembled, but this did not help. I also descaled the machine, and when I did this, I pulled a lot of water & solution through both the wand and the shower head, so I think the pump is ok. But, this did not help either. Any ideas?

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First thing to check is the coffee basket that sits in the portafilter. Remove it and hold it up to a light; you should be able to see through all the little holes in the bottom; if most of them are clogged this is most likely your problem. If the basket is clean and water comes through the portafliter just fine when there's no coffee in it, try a coarser grind as well as little to no tamping. If coffee still won't flow then your pump may be failing and will need to be replaced.

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Henry H - Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. Both the single shot & double shot baskets are clean. I took your advice and got some coarser coffee. I tried pulling shots thru both the single and double baskets. On the single, there was leakage around the portafilter -- it also didn't feel as tight as it usually has when I lock the portafilter in place before pulling shots (we use only the double basket when using the machine). On the double, I heard the machine pressurize - no leakage around portafilter....a beautiful shot *began* to pull....then stopped. guessing pump.....shoot. Will have to look at the page describing replacement and see if I think we can do it. Thanks again.


Henry H - we successfully replaced the pump and she is back in business. Thanks for your help.


when the filter holes are all clogged - we hold ours over our gas stove flame and burn out the clogged pores. if you don't like that try soaking then poking out each hole with a pin (but I recommend the flame treatment).

ps my husband keeps buying these at thrift stores too! Maybe I'll get a project going where he refurbishes and regifts them (I think we have 4 or 5 now...). My original from 1996 is still going strong though!


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Just wanted to add my $.02 I have bought a few of these cheap at thrift shops, And cleaned and rebuilt the pumps very easy to do and the parts have never needed to be replaced just cleaned well. I have brought these machines back with a thorough cleaning replaces some gaskets good to go

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