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I tried desoldering my dock connector flex cable and this happened..

This is my first time trying to repair an ipod touch, and I'm trying to replace a battery and my dock connector flex cable. I tried desoldering the flex cable for the dock connector and the following image links depict the tradgedy that has occurred. I used pen flux, put a little solder on the joints, then applied wick...I thought I was doing it right when I was taking off the cable with heat but then the region over the pads wouldn't come off. I know I probably shouldn't have done this but I tried desoldering again to get the rest of the tape off and this is what i ended up with...how can I save this?

Block Image



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Hello rabidnabid,

it appreciated what you tired to do. but now your board damaged and it will be difficult to be fixed. don't give up and enhance your micro soldering skills.



How exactly is it damaged? Will I have to buy a new logic board?


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Get some flux on the pads and apply leaded solder on them. Once your pads look bulky enough from leaded solder with a wick absorb all the solder adding flux again. Place wick right above pins and your soldering pencil on top of the wick and guide it pulling the wick instead on pushing the pencil. Once they are all clean and shiny let us know if there are any pads missing on the board. If there are not then you are ready to solder the new flex on it :)

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Thanks for commenting, did you see my pictures from the post? Do you think the less shiny areas means the pads are stripped?


I did see the pictures from the post but I was unsure on exactly how many and which ones. From what I could see you were missing about 5 pads and you could see the traces where these were coming from which makes it salvageable IMO. it would be a time consuming job and not sure if it would be worth it, that is something you'd have to evaluate. Was the iPod water damaged or damaged in any other way that installing a new charged battery would make it not come on?


There was no water damage. I tried checking for continuity on all the probe points to the desoldered pads to no avail. By salvaging do you mean keep trying to find the channels they correspond to or buy a new logic board? Keep in mind that this is just a project for me not like I need another Apple product anyways


For the ones I can see pads missing I can see the little pathway to where that pad used to be. You can scratch off the green mask and you'll find copper. That is what I meant. If they were not visible then you'd need a board diagram. I feel like this is a fun project and I'd definitely try it the very least just for fun. However if you don't feel comfortable doing it you can set it aside and maybe you'll want to tackle it in the future :)


I really appreciate your help and thanks for sticking around. How would you scratch the green mask off? And once that's done would I solder the new flex cable in, then solder lead wires from the channels to the stripped pads on top of the cable?


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This is not likely to be salvageable because you are missing so many pads. If you're lucky, the missing pads will be ground or nc--unused. With no schematic available for the iPod fifth touch, it will be difficult to map the function of your missing pads.

Israel gave you some good advice here.

In the future, use a low melt solder to flow the pads and resist putting any force on the connector until it completely slides on its own. Different pads require different amounts of heat to flow.

Your best bet is to buy a new iPod 5th touch. You won't find a logic board for less than the cost of a new device....and you probably didn't need to do this repair to begin with to solve a no charging iPod 5th.

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So the iPod wasn't turning on, no charging with any cable, and the reset mode didn't work-what would've been the actual solution then?


Probably not. If cleaning the charging port and using a known good cable and charger doesn't fix the issue, it is very likely the charging circuit on the board.


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