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My MacBook Pro just died..


i have a Macbook Pro 13", Unibody, bought new in November 2013, NOT retina.. (MD101D/A) i think its the model from 2012. they just sold it much longer..

today whats happening was this. while using it (without power adaptor) it just went out. black screen.. it worked fine before..

can´t turn it on anymore. no life sight..

Connected the power adaptor, but no chance.

So: there is no light on the magsafe.

AND there ist no light at all on the battery test stripe at the left side from the macbook.. i mean this small button which you can press to see if your battery still has some power..

normally when the battery was empty, you still would have at least one blinking light there..

one important thing to mention: when the macbook was working, i allways had this behavior: when the battery was really empty, and when i connected the power adapter, i had to wait until i could turn the macbook pro on again.. like with an iphone. i though thats normal behaviour.. (maybe it is?)

(the power adapter is a 60W one..)

problem with that is, that of course i can not turn the macbook pro on, even if just the battery has quit.. (tried it with a different power adaptor.. (but also 60W one.))

do i need a 84W power adaptor?

and, how will i find out if the battery has died, or something else?

thanks a lot!

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4 Answers

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ok, i "solved" it..

now, as it gets darker outside, i saw that the magsafe has a bit of light.. orange and green, blinking very fast and very very low..

looked that problem up, and the solution for it worked for me, too:

disconnect the battery, and than connect it again.


crazy, isn´t it? typing it right now on my macbook pro..

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Normally if you let any iDevice die and don't charge it when it's on low battery. I would recommend charging it with a different power adapter if that doesn't work it's the battery.

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What is normaly when you let and idevice die and don´t charge it? and the macbook pro, its not an idevice, right?


no light on the magsafe and on the battery test stripe means battery dead?

really sure it could not be something different?

couldn´t it be the magsafe dc-inboard?

and is it normal that now, even with a power adaptor connected, i can not start the computer?


idevice or any apple related device.


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ok, i found a small answer to the behavior that the computer won´t go on without a charged battery..:

There are 12 versions of this model - yours is a 2012? Newer models will not boot if there is no battery present and that battery must have about a 15% charge.

see here:

Completely dead MacBook Pro, won't turn on..

so, theres no other way than to buy a battery and to change it to see if this helps? no test routine?

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What are the last four digits of the serial number on the bottom of your laptop? This way we can identify the exact model since you are unsure. The 60W power adapter is the right wattage for your device, so we know that the adaptor is not the issue. In order to check the logic board, battery, and dc in board we can force it to boot by shorting two power pads on the logic board. Once we know your model number we can determine where the pads are on your laptop.

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