My Blu phone won't turn on.

My Blu phone when I got it was fine, it ran alright, it charged, and it turned on and off when the power button was pushed. Earlier today in school my pocket on my hoodie wasn't deep enough, (I had carried it with my other school stuff in front of me but after it being scratched I decided to keep it in a pocket on me and my sweats didn't have any pockets), it fell out of my pocket 3-4 times each time the back came off and the battery came out. (I've ordered a case a while ago but it still hasn't came in the mail) Even after the third or fourth time of being dropped it had turned on. About an hour later I noticed it kept turning off and had to have a few tries before turning it back on again, by the time fourth hour came around it wouldn't turn back on at all, it would show the Blu logo as if starting up but then just stop and not show any signs at all after that. I tried leaving it alone for half an hour and trying again but nothing happened. When I got home I plugged it in and nothing popped up showing any new signs so I tried plugging it in to different outlets and still nothing. I let it "charge" for two hours and tried turning it on, I took the battery out put it back in, everything with no success. I tried looking up how to fix it but none of what I found had the same problems I had, please help!

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