Why my mac doesn't boot?

I have this Santa Rosa model (late 2007) Mac Book Pro 15". The problem is when i press the power button, the indicator light lights up ( dim) and the superdrive makes its usual sound and that is it. No mac chime, no display.. NOTHING!!. when i close the lid the indicator light brightens up. the adapter is okay, the batter is almost dead, and the batter charges when plugged in ( the orange light). I took it to repair, they highly doubted the logic board failure, then they managed to make it work by changing the left I/O board. after a month the problem's back again. same problem..


thanks guys, very much. yeah i took it back to 'em, they said they only opened it, cleaned it, used HOT GUN and it worked again. and later after couple of days its dead. AGAIN. and Osvaldo, i would love to press any such keys but the thing is it does not start up, i tried all those resetting and firewire boot. It doesn't do anything.

And secondly, i don't think its a hard drive failure, because the thing works perfectly fine, i have all my data. and last time when the thing was dead, i took the drive out and copied all my stuff to another drive. and the drive works fine when i brought back from the repair center.

And if it was a LB problem, how could a faulty LB work again after the use of some HOT GUN?? They even said it was a LB failure first time i took there.. but it was I/O board.

i can give a try, replacing another hard drive, see how it goes..?

and again, i thank you guys for giving you time..

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I would take it back to the repair place and tell them the problem came back. It's probably that board again or a logic board failure.

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You have almost the same MacBook Pro i have, the mid 2007 Santa Rosa. I've had the nvidia chip fail three times, with the same exact symptoms. If this is the problem, apple is providing free replacement of logic board and nvidia chip. Just go to an authorized dealer. Sorry if i can't link you to their statement on the apple.com website. However if you search for it on google a few times you may find it. I wish i could help you some more. Good luck.

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Apple provides an extendet warranty program, thats true. But only to faulty NVidia chips. In that case the computer will still boot, albeit without video. The hotgun method sonds like they tried to resolder something. I my views thats a cowboy repair.


they could just be being douchebags...if you have the option i would go to another store and see what they say.


Well, they checked it in the beginning if the problem was regarding faulty Nvidia graphic chip, the result was negative.


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Hey, any news on your mac? Since last month, I have EXACTLY the same issue with my Macbook Pro 15" (mid-2007 A1226 model). I took it to my local Apple retailer and they say the logic board needs to be replaced. Repair costs: 950 euro (!). My mac was just under 3 years old, but I didn't have an Apple Protection Plan, so basically I'm screwed. Interestingly, they couldn't really explain what was wrong with my logic board, apart from it being dead (no fried components, no failing nvidia chip, etc ...). It could be a failing contact point that needs to be resoldered, but I wouldn't know where to start on that topic.

Anyway, good luck.

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