No power after chaning palmrest


I would like to say thank you ahead of time to everyone on here. This forum has helped me a million times.

I changed the palm rest on my 2007 MBP 15"(2.4C2D/4GB/250GB). The keys will old and falling off. So I bought a full palm rest with keyboard and trackpad.

Before putting it all back together I did a power on test and it passed. But I only put one stick of ram in when I did this.

So I put it back together and try to boot, and I get 3 blinking lights. Take it apart again. Reseat the memory. Power on, Still no POST.

After messing with for about 30 min. I noticed. The computer will only POST if I have memory in memory slot #1, if there is two sticks it will never POST. It won't post with either stick in slot #2. But it does POST with either stick in slot#1.

I tried clearing PRram and SMC. I tried cleaning with contact cleaner. Stil no luck. I even put another good/tested stick of ram and still not post. This was a working laptop with 4GB before I took it apart. What did I do wrong?

Would the system board go bad that quickly?

Sorry for the long drawn out explanation. I hope someone here can help me.

Thanks again in advance.

Andy P

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2 Answers

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This is the thing when you touch old machines; they are falling apart and will continue to crumble in your hands as you work on them. Max out the working RAM slot and call it a day! There is no fixing dead RAM slots.

Quickly is relative term; this is eight years old!!! It has lived a good long life, let it retire in peace with its one working RAM slot and be happy the GPU is not dead like the rest of those 8600M piles of sh!t. The free Apple extended service program on this is nearly three years expired so there is no fixing this when the GPU dies(and it will die).

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zzz, if the gnu has not failed by now it is probably not one of the faulty ones. Also, not everyone has the bucks to go out a buy a new computer every two years. Many times when a slot fails it will take a lessor size RAM chip. Help him fix it and keep your judgements to yourself.


No judgment, simply truth. They are all faulty, it is how they were manufactured. If the truth is not convenient that is fine, it doesn't make it any less real.


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Thanks for the comment.

I sprayed some more contact cleaner inside of the ram slot and it solved the problem.

But I totally understand what you mean.

I'm not touching an old machine again.

Thanks again


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Try going back in there with a toothbrush and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Contact cleaner leaves some residue that can damage the machine over time. Just to make sure it lasts a little longer. You can pick up a bottle at the local pharmacy for five bucks.


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