Screen blinking/flashing on startup - stops eventually - power supply?

Hi folks. My father-in-law gave me a 27" Samsung LCD TV (LNS2738DX/XAA) which is having problems powering up. He showed me how the screen would rapidly flicker/flash on power up; almost like a strobe effect, but not an even flash. Sound worked, but was also spotty. After about 5 - 10 minutes of this behavior, it starting working normally.

When I started messing with it the TV had been unplugged for a few days. I hooked it up to the HDMI port on my laptop and powered it on. Other than the red LED on the power button the tv appeared to do nothing (note that I wasn't playing anything on the laptop to produce sound -- I was just trying to get the desktop to display). It didn't flicker at all like before. I unplugged and put away the laptop, and when I returned I noted that the screen was flickering as before, and the 'no input' message was floating around the screen, also flickering.

I removed the back panel (I'm not an expert on TV internals), and located what I believe to be the power supply board. It had a couple large inductors on it, and was located more or less in the middle of the unit. There were a number of larger capacitors on it, a couple of which were slightly domed, but not necessarily bulging. I didn't see any which were ruptured.

I'm leaning toward a bad power supply, and trying to decide if I should attempt to replace the capacitors or just seek out a whole new board (I need to verify the part number before doing so).

I welcome any advice on additional troubleshooting steps and part suppliers. Thank you!

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