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replaced motherboad and still won't boot

G'day all, thank you in advance.

I came home one day and the computer was really hot; I had to pull the battery to shut it down (unresponsive to power button). Then would not turn back on.

A little bit of research later and I figured I needed a new logic board. I ordered one off of ebay , and some arcticlean and thermal paste from ifixit. I finally decided to give it a go.

I followed the great instructions on this site and don't think I ran into any problems other than the sub woofer connections which the plastic broke and I glued back down...

I get it all back together and same issue, unresponsive to power button, won't turn on.

A little more research (which I should have done before) and I realize and CAN jump start it with a screwdriver. The light IS on on the charger and it seems to keep the battery topped up when plugged in.

When I jump start it I get stuck at the password screen because it's like one of the keys is being held down. I tried clearing the SMC/PRAM but not sure if it works because the keyboard seems buggered... However, on the second reboot, at the password screen there is no longer "a key being held down". But when I go to type in my password (which I may have forgotten because it's been a year since the computer went down) the keyboard still seems screwed up, like only the number keys respond.

I took things apart again thinking perhaps I hadn't got the keyboard ribbon all the way back in. After being a little more rough with it I'm pretty sure there is no way it's going any further in. I don't think I damaged it...

So my question is do you think it's most likely the keyboard itself that is screwed up? Perhaps the power button/charger chip? Maybe I did screw up the keyboard ribbon? Perhaps I should quit being lazy and put the old logic board back in and see if it too can be jump started/same issue (I've been trying to avoid this, hoping someone has a possible solution)?

I think that's all? It's been a few months since I've replaced the logic board.

thank you for your patience.


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Whatever liquid damaged the first motherboard killed the keyboard. The liquid flowed through the keyboard to make its way to the motherboard. Replace the keyboard.

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Thank's for the reply. There was no specific spilling event that me or my girlfriend recall. It would seem I need to try something different though... I guess I will look into replacing the keyboard and will keep you all up to date. could take a few weeks.



Is this what I'm looking for?

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Late 2008-Early 2009) Upper Case

such decisions... a lot of money for an old beast.


Holy $@$* no. You need a keyboard. Not the entire case. A keyboard costs between thirteen and fifty dollars. Do not spend $300 on an entire top case with everything in it when all you need is a keyboard.


Oh thank goodness! So the power button is integratad into the keyboard? I remember the power button having its own computer chip and plug in. From the research I did it seemd if the charger was working correctly than that chip was probably working.

So, even though I can't boot from the power button (separate from the keyboard) you're pretty sure my issue is a buggered keyboard?

Thank you very much,



For anyone following our reading this thread, it was indeed the keyboard. Finally ordered one up from eBay (as ifixit doesn't seem to carry them...), got it in today and it works great. Now I have to remember how to use my computer as it's been two years since my mac went down.

Thank you


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