Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Camera / pink flickering shapes

My iPhone camera has gone a bit weird. It doesn't always happen, but often in bright light there are bright pink/red, digital looking shapes which briefly flash across the display. (It might be since I photographed the eclipse ;-)

Do you happen to know what the problem is and what part/s I'd have to replace to fix it?

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Do they appear in the picture? If yes, can you post a picture here? If not, can you use another phone to take a picture? I'm answering you below with the needed steps to replace the back cam which seems at fault. However, a picture showing the issue could lead us to a different diagnostic.


Thank you, Rany. Those instructions will be very useful. I'm a complete novice with repairing digital things so it's great to have some pointers.

It only makes a brief appearance on the screen, but I think I could get a screenshot. I'll upload one of those so you can see the kind of thing I mean. Would you mind checking back here for them?


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If your iPhone did not encounter liquid or a hard floor, you'd have to start by replacing the back camera and see if it solves your issue.

This guide has the needed instructions, tools, and part.


1/ Skip steps 17 and 18. You don't need to remove the battery; whereas taking it out puts you at some risk of damaging your logic board;

2/ Step 21 is important. Disconnect those "interconnect cables" from the side depicted in the guide, not the other side, as you risk damaging many critical parts on the board;

3/ Tools and prying: don't pry at the board by inserting tools between the battery and the board. Don't use any metal tools inside the phone except the screw driver ONLY to remove screws.

I usually remove all the screws, disconnect all the flat cables that have to be so, then "lightly" hold the board by the SIM slot and pull it out. If I feel any resistance, I stop and look again for anything that may be forgotten, stuck, or at risk of breaking/ripping.

This is a simple repair that can easily go wrong, so tread lightly and don't force it.

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No luck catching it so far. It hasn't appeared in a picture yet, but it's similar to the effect in this photo, taken with a Sony compact (that camera is fine, but I had a problem with transferring RAW files to iPhoto. I don't think my camera is supported)

Block Image

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It is nothing I typically saw before… If it were me, I'd start with a camera replacement because I have them in stock and can easily do the repair (and reverse it if need be).


On the other hand, you say you took pictures of the eclipse. Where was that?

There is a possibility that you burnt sensors in you camera due to exposure to direct sunlight while the sun is so high in the sky, and you being pointing at it directly. I am a complete novice when it comes to cameras and how they may be affected by direct sunlight, but I've read that a good rule of thumb is: if it can hurt your eyes, it can hurt your camera. So depending on what you did that day, you could've indeed damaged the camera.


It sounds like a camera replacement is the thing to go for, especially if I've burnt the sensor. You're right, it wasn't a sensible move! I used a pair of eclipse glasses over the lens to get my better shots in the end (partial eclipse here in the UK the other day). I've also been wondering if it could be a screen problem, but it does only happen when I open the camera app.


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