The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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My phone doesn't work anymore

My galaxy s4 wouldn't work Or turn on I but him in charge and he doesn't work please help me!!!!

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It sounds like your battery is at the end of its life. I have seen a lot of issues with Samsungs batteries not lasting as long as expected. Some have even gotten a replacement battery for free from Samsung. Not saying everyone is that lucky though.

Some times you can tell by looking at the battery and seeing if it looks like its puffed up a bit in its center. You can also take the battery out and try and spin it on a table. If it spins like a top(easily) its probably not a good battery. This is a sign of over charging a lithium ion battery, or not using the correct charger for the specific battery in your phone.

You can try taking the battery out and then putting it back in after a minute or so, and try and power it up.

If you know anyone with the same model of phone as yours you could test their battery in your phone to see if it powers it up, then you would know for sure it the battery. If you can't find one to test I would suggest getting a new battery.

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But the battery working and I test the in another phone same model and it's working


There are other possible causes to this situation that I can think of.

Maybe the power button is stuck or has lost its connection inside the phone.

The phones power IC may have failed and needs replaced.

The phones charging port may be faulty.

Maybe a software issue is causing problems.

When you try and charge it does the phones LED light up?

Does the phone get hot when trying to charge?

Does it vibrate, light up, or do anything when trying to power up.

Has the phone been dropped hard or been exposed to liquid recently?

Have you tried to root your phone lately?

Does it respond in anyway when connected to a PC with a usb cable?

Since the battery seems to be fine I need more details to troubleshoot the problem.


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I have Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 i545 and yesterday it was on charge i left it on for a while after bring charged to 100% for another 30 more minutes the device got little hot i removed the charger the set was working fine and suddenly the phone got Powered OFF since then i tried charging and removed the battery and and even tried the soft reset i.e by removing the battery and pressed the power button for 5 minutes etc etc

and nothing happened i also tried with a new cable and battery and i have also used the other S4 Battery that is working on another Samsung S4 and also used the same battery on the other device the Set is working fine with my S4 battery charging working fine one last thing when i plug in my phone for charging after 5 minutes it gets hot near the Rear Camera and even the battery also gets little Hot so can you please help me out with this, thank you


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Hello Jahangir,

So if I understand you correctly, you had your phone charging which felt hot when you removed it from the charger and it was working and suddenly shut off. Now it won't power on no matter what you try to do. You have eliminated the chance of it being a bad battery by testing in another phone. As well as testing a another good battery in your phone that won't power up. You have tried different chargers with no luck. If this is all correct then I would have to say it is probably a hardware problem which involves the Power Management IC. The power management IC sits in the area under the back camera and above the battery, close to the processor and other IC chips located in that area. If this Power IC has failed it would likely produce heat when voltage is supplied in that area. I know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also know for overheating while in use which can eventually cause damage if it happens to often. If under warranty take it to a shop. If not you could try the repair yourself.


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