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120V equipment burn by connected to 240v


Got a Ninja NJ600 from the States (120v) and wanted to use it in Europe (240v). But, had an accident and got plug in to a 240v power plug directly, and of course it went silent.

I have dismounted the unit and made a number of pictures. Of this the electronic board was burn in one area.

I need to know first, if this information and pictures are enough to get a response?

Second, how I can I fix it?

And last, can I make it 240v capable?

Thank you in advance.

Jacobo PM

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Answered! View the answer I have this problem too

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I need to replace the MOV in my NJ600 as well, but I'm not sure which MOV to order. Anyone know what the ratings (voltage, current, etc) are for the MOV? There are no visible markings on mine. A part number would help too! Thanks.


i have a similar problem, but plugin into a voltage converter on 50hz power in Europe. the MAS blew when powering the device on. This could be a pro blem with the transformer I am using. Panasonic 1500 transforming adapter type that says it is not good for circuits., when i measure the outpuit of the transformer I get 24 volts AC when plugged i nto 220, and my voltmeter will switch to DC for some reason, leading me to believe the panasonic unit somehow must sense a high resistive draw in order to supply the full 110 volts? I understand that the MOS is sensitive to voltage spike, not current spike so I seems like it would work on 50hz? maybe in this system I have used it allows a spike in voltage of some sort. any help would be welcome. I would like to replace the MOS and try with a stable transformer.


we did the same for our ninja coffee maker. but we can’t figure out how to pry open the unit. any ideas?


Hi I've done the exact same on my ninja blender/food processor

I can send the find a new Capasitor for it

It says 7N271K on it an on the bottom it has 322+

What do I need



@Stefan. different blender, different layout. you do want to start your own question and add plenty of images of the damaged components etc. so that we can see what you are seeing.


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Hey Jacobo . From what I'm seeing here, you have blown the metal-oxide varistor (MOS) (the light brown ceramic capacitor looking thing), which could be your savior. It's designed to protect against excessive over voltages. To fix it, you'll need to buy a new one and replace it. I'd also replace the EMI suppression capacitor (the big yellow capacitor behind the MOS), as its physically damaged. This guide shows you how to solder and desolder; How To Solder and Desolder Connections

Just as a precaution, I'd test the big brown ceramic capacitor behind the EMI suppression capacitor, the 47 ohm resistor and the voltage regulator at the least. As for if you can convert it to accept 240VAC, no. The board is built to only take 120VAC and as its power supply is only a linear one. You'll need to buy a 120VAC - 240VAC converter.

This guide covers testing capacitors;

This one covers resistors;

and this one (though harder) covers the regulator;

I hope this helps you out or at least sets you in the right direction. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Hi zakk. Thank you for your help. One question, what is the voltage regulator?


Hi zakk, sorry I found it.


All good mate. Any other questions, feel free to ask away.


hello...same thing except Bl770. It was blown and i went to replace the capacitor and cant tell which one to get. Does anyone have a diagram or a pic of the board? Then i will follow the above instructions. Thanks!!


Hello Zach!

you’re like a live saver with this forum.

I didn’t get the right converter for my ninja and once I plugged it, some smoke came from inside. I can assume that it is burnt. I will open it this afternoon and share q bunch of pics ( I hope that you still around here and get some advice to buy the pieces and take them to a technicians)

thanks a lot for sharing you time and your knowledge :)


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Hi Zakk,

I have accidentally plugged my 110v Ninja Blender to 220v. How to fix?

I would like to ask on how I may be able to send my questions with regards to my problem with my Ninja Blender which has been accidentally plugged into a 220v that caused the damage of my 110v blender. I tried research over the internet and found this iFixit forum which has similar answers with my problem. Now, the technician was able to replace the MOV VARISTOR yet the problem remain the same, it won’t power on. Now, he soldered the broken lines on the board and found out that there is one Transistor( pointed in arrow ) which was also burnt. He could no longer recognize the value of this transistor since it was badly burnt. Do you know the reference value of this transistor so that we may be able to find a replacement? Or does Ninja selling this type of Circuit Board? Where to buy it( website )? By the way, I’m living here in the Philippines.Awaiting for your earnest response since this item was just bought last 2018 and we badly need it.Thank you.

ps- I don’t know how to attach the images. 

thank you.

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"To fix it, you'll need to buy a new one and replace it. " right, mine fried so no numbers to read. Can anyone provide the replacement specs or read the numbers off theirs?


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