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Black Screen After Screen Replacement iPod Touch 5th Gen


I've recently replaced the screen on a iPod touch 5th gen, When it was all reassembled the screen remained black. I've tried holding down both buttons to do a hard reset and the Apple logo does pop up and then go away very quickly. So I know the screen is connected correctly. I've reopened it and checked all connections and everything is clicked in perfectly!

It does work in the background, for example I can hear Siri and the camera etc, and the computer does recognise it as on....

Is there anything specific I need to do to get this working again?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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Have you checked to see if anything is pressing on the LCD cable? Even thought the screen is black, can you operate the screen... like unlock the iPod still? Are you testing the screen with the iPod fully back together or just everything apart? I'm asking to just get an idea of what we are working with here


There is nothing pressing on the LCD. Everything looks okay inside, nothing nipped, scrapped or in the way. I've tried multiple screens also. The iPod is now back together but we tested it prior and it had the same issue.

We've reset the iPod this morning via iTunes and no luck still, Although the device seems to be on (as we can hear siri etc) we can't use the screen. Very confusing



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4 Answers

I am having the same issue. I don't have mine fully assembled. It was working fine, I assembled it, and it stopped working. Now it does the exact same thing. tried taking apart again and still does apple logo then black right away. Any answers yet?

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I've have this exact same issue: Screen replaced....everything boots up, iTunes sees it, camera clicks, battery is charging etc.....but black screen? When I reset using home/ sleep button combination I get the 'Apple Logo' very biefly, for about half a second & then goes black again? I've tried a restore in DFU mode & other screens...same.

Any ideas please?

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Hi There ... I had this issue as well on my very first 5th gen. For me on closer inspection when I attempted to replace the LCD flex cable I had clipped a small capacitor / resistor (one of the 2) rendering the connection to the LCD incomplete. It was not economical to replace the capacitor as I don't have a micro soldering technician or equipment so this iPod went in the bin.

Make sure there are no dislodged capacitors or resistors. I have also heard of the iPod turning on during repair by accident and some IC's are shorting out via the LCD or dig cable being placed over them with a live current as the device is on, look for black / smoked IC's.

if you see any of the aforementioned and you dont have micro soldering ... bin it.

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Hi & thanks for the tips.

Update, today took apart and cleaned connectors with isopropyl alcohol & can now see screen image but very faint/ greyed-out. Suspect the LCD back-light is the problem. I DO know a micro-solderer but expect cost of repair may be uneconomic...unless he'll do it for a case of beer! Any other ideas on the back-light problem I can look for myself? Failing that anyone know of a good source for new logic boards? Cheers...

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