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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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Keeps Going Into Sleep Mode

Problem is a simple but annoying one...

From time to time, the Powerbook goes into Sleep Mode. And than more frequently.

For example:

I start it up, it works fine, after an hour or so, it just turns into Sleep Mode...

(Extra: 1. Normally, copy processes and such go on in sleep mode, not here.

2. The Air Tunes of my AirPort Express won't work until I restart the AirPort itself.)

After it happens once, it happens every half minute or so, sometimes it even won't start up again...

After some searching on the net, I believe the problem to be a Failing Hard Drive. But before buying a new one, I'd like to ask for some certainty...

Anyone who believes it's the correct problem, or are there other suggestions?

Thanks a Lot!!!!!!

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I've never heard of a failing HD causing sleep issues.

If you're running at least 10.4.11, go to and download SMART Utility. You can use it in demo mode. It will tell you if your drive is failing (SU is excellent at predicting drive failure, unlike the SMART Status in Disk Utility which only tells you after your drive is toast.)

Once you ascertain that your drive is OK--and it may indeed be failing, it's old enough--then you can start looking for other causes. Have you tried resetting the power manager? Apple's instructions are here:

Keep in mind that you may have a failing hard drive, but your sleep issues might be due to something else altogether.

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Sounds like a hard drive for sure; but make sure it's not your battery running low

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I have a PB-G4 17" that runs a little while without problems (say 20 min.) then it goes to sleep. Pressing any key or closing & opening the clamshell returns it to operation (the light on the clamshell lock dims and brightens as in sleep mode. I've set the system preferences to: Never sleep, Screensaver Never On, no disk shutdown (when possible), Security log-off time out disabled, etc., etc.,

A few minutes later it goes to sleep again and soon goes into an endless cycle of Sleep/Restart/Screen returns/2 seconds connect to WIFi then sleep again. I'd love to copy the HD and the users, Apps & data (i.e. mirror) to another bootable (FW800) drive and see what happens, but I do not have a blank HD and afraid I'd overwrite the current directories if I move a bootable system onto it.

After a long time being shutdown, this can sometimes be started by touching the upper left of the case to trigger this (as if static electricity fired it off.) Other times touching the speaker grill on left makes it happen or wiggling the power connector. Moving the clamshell can seem to do it on occasion. Another issue with the above machine is that I used the widget called iStat Pro and no unusual heating or other stuff seems to be going on (Or reported anyway!) The PMU has been reset too.

Thanks, Colleen, for the info about SU. My Disk Utility said all's well with the disk but did report some permissions on "changed" files it could not fix. Disk Warrior says directories are perfect. Disk Utility reported that S.M.A.R.T. drive check reported all was OK. With all that I have difficulty connecting the Random Sleep cycles to the hard drive.

My other PB-G$ 17" (about the same age) had a drive fail, however, and I'm running on an external HD with that machine. I'll get then check SU, but my gut says it can't be the drive. Do you still see it as possibly (60-80%) the drive? Apple will not upgrade the drive but insist on replacing the same size & type (70 GB) at very high cost. Should I attempt to put in a 350 GB drive myself? Will it drain the battery and raise PMU issues to do so?

If I could replace the OS (if I knew how) without erasing the hard disk, losing settings software keys and the like, I sure would. I have only the original 5.0 disk anyway, while everything is 10.5.8.

I hope I can fix this before I loose everything or it goes to black screen and I cannot monitor it any more!

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Ron, would you cut and paste this into a new question of your own so that we can concentrate on just your problems. Thanks


Be aware that the SMART thresholds in Disk Utility are so high as to be worthless, especially for bad sectors (blocks). That's why I use SMART Utility instead--it tells you the actual value of all SMART attributes.


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I am having the same issue with the exact same laptop. In my case, I've discovered that my problem is the left fan, which is not operating or spinning at all. The right fan was filling up with fluff due to having to pick up his brother's slack, and could barely spin itself it was so bogged down.

I discovered this by installing iStat Pro right after turning on the computer, and before it went back to sleep I did manage to get it to open- it reported right fan, many RPMs, left fan- 0.

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I think I finally discovered the problem.

While the computer was running someone turned off the overhead light and the computer went promptly to sleep and would not restart without cycling On, Sleep, On, Sleep as I tried to do work. The Sleep was only a few seconds and barely lit the screen and it went back to sleep.

There was other lighting in the room so I missed the connection at first. I turned on the overhead light again for other reasons and "Voila" it started working again.

It turns out that the keyboard backlight sensor is the culprit. The computer works O.K. when the Overhead light is on and goes to sleep when ANYTHING shades the light from the left hand speaker panel roughly at the top toward the clamshell hinge in the vicinity parallel to the USB port. i bought an LED 'reading lamp' that plugs into the USB port for power and curved the neck over to light the speaker panel area between the USB and the Tilde Key on the keyboard. As long as the LED light, or any decent reading level light is present everything works O.K. but pass a finger under the LED and the computer goes to sleep.

I, too, got IStat widget and find it very comforting to know that my fans work on occasion, battery is at 65% life cycle and other comforting information. but Power was never the problem, Sleep settings were never the problem, Software or HD drive were never the issue.

I still have no way to fix it and although I was a Senior Chief Electronic Technician in the NAVY I am reluctant to go inside without detailed connectivity information about the power jack, Keyboard Backlight Sensor and the USB Port in that area.

Ron Brown

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my disk left in powerbook g4 that book haven't os

how can I put it out I push disk out button but it isn't work.

Please Help Me

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