phone stuck in headphone mode after repairs

My daughter at college dropped her iphone6 in some water and quickly put the phone in rice to dry out. after few days she powered up and seem to work fine but there was no sound in the earpiece speaker though the headphones,loud speaker & Bluetooth ear piece worked.

After reading a number of posts on water damage I figured the headphone jack port was damaged so I replaced the Headphone Jack Flex Cable (also the cracked screen while I was at it). When I re-powered the phone, the ear piece speaker worked fine and I thought my problem was solved until I inserted the headphones to test. When I removed headphone jack, the earpiece speaker no longer worked and the volume icon displaying "headphone" even with the headphones no removed. Blue Tooth and loud speaker work. Volume up and down works as well.

Obviously the ear piece speaker is fine, is there something else that could be defective?

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