13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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My MacBook doesn't turn on, but HDD runs when plugged in.

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I bought a 13"MacBook Unibody model A1278 on Ebay. The previous owner told me, that he wanted to remove one of the black rubber things from the bottom with a screw driver. While doing that, he managed to damage the displaycable underneath it. Now I tried to just start the computer, but nothing happens, only when I plug it into a wall ac outlet, the HDD starts to turn although I don't press any buttons.

Other than that the battery charges when plugged in and the Logicboard gets a litte warm.

Under the broken displaycable there is a small scratch (it is really small and not deep, I nearly don't notice it with my finger), can this be a problem?

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The HDD is perfectly working in my 2012 macbook pro 15, as well as the RAM. The Battery keeps its charge and when I connect the two contacts above of the trackpad connector the HDD starts running, but not the fan.


Tim, first off what are the last four digits of your computers serial number? that will help us to properly identify your computer. Second, post an image of this "he managed to damage the displayable underneath it. " with your question. Adding images to an existing question


The last four digits are 91B0


2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo (P7350)

Intro Date: October 14, 2008 Disc Date: June 8, 2009

Order No: MB466LL/A Model No: A1278 (EMC 2254)

Subfamily: Late 2008 Aluminum Model ID: MacBook5,1

Std RAM: 2 GB Std VRAM: 256 MB

Std Storage: 160 GB (5400 RPM) Std Optical: 8X DL "SuperDrive". that "scratch" looks ok since the traces are not separated. you do want to put some insulation over it so that it does not shorten anything else out:-)


Okay I will do that, but it still doesn't start


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Make sure everything is connected internally... in that picture it looks like there is a ribbon cable hookup that's unplugged. Also make sure your RAM is seated well (if one chip is slightly out of wack a PC will not boot).

Does it even try to boot up when you press the power button? Have you tried connecting it to an external monitor to ensure that it's not a display issue? You say the fan doesn't come on... it doesn't come on unless it needs to, and it only needs to if the computer is being taxed resource wise.

The fact that plugging it in makes the hard drive turn without pressing any buttons makes me think you could have an issue with the power (on/off) switch/button or it's assembly.

You can also try removing the hard drive and try booting the computer up from a USB stick (google USB bootable operating system if you don't know how). If your hard drive failed that may be why it doesn't boot.

Does it beep any error codes? Can you include some more pictures of the insides?

I wish I could help more, but I need more information. You said "Under the broken displayable"... what do you mean by displayable? That makes me feel like you could have an issue with your display screen.

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thanks for the answer. At first, in the word displayable I just forgot the c so it showld mean displaycable and this was broken and replaced

The HDD is definitely not the problem, because it is perfectly working when I put it in my other Macbook.

The RAM is plugged properly as well.

An external monitor doesn't change anything, I've tried, it stays black.

The Power Button is at least working when I do some testing. Like I've read on the internet, you should press it for 10 seconds, hold it, plug the macbook, and hold it for another 10 seconds and then the fan should run on highest possible rpm. This is perfectly working on my macbook. So in my opinion, I don't have any issues with that either...but I might be wrong, I don't know

And there are no beeping sounds as well.

Sorry my English is not perfect, what do you mean by that: " it only needs to if the computer is being taxed resource wise"

From which angles or which components do you need any more pictures?


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