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iPod has sad face whenever I turn it on.

I recently changed the battery , headphone/hold button and back piece to my 5th gen iPod , and ive restored it a couple of times and now its giving me the sad faced iPod and tells me to go to . dont know what to do ?

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Sad iPod icon with exclamation point

This icon means that the disk scan was not able to recover the hard disk data. Here's what Apple says to do to fix it:

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as you already changed the battery, headphone and back cover, it seems like you know what to do to fix it. First make sure that the hard drive cable is seated properly on both ends!

Most common when the sad face icon appears is, that the hard drive is corrupted/damaged.

But, you should try this first. Follow the link and set the iPod to disk mode, then hook it up to a computer and restore it via iTunes.

Set the iPod to disk mode sometimes needs a couple of tries, once it took me half an hour.

If it can´t be restored it means, the hard drive is damaged OR cannot be read. That means, the hard drive itself is damaged OR the hard drive cable has been flexed one time to often during repair.

As the flex cable is very cheap in terms of a new hard drive, i would give it a try and buy a new flex cable, before i would buy a new hard drive.

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Im getting the same problem. i have owned this i pod for a few years now and its giving me the same sad face. i want to try and fix it my self because i put a whole lot of work into this i pod as far as music. It will not power up enough to connect to i tunes so it keeps going back and forth from sad face to "battery is very low charge screen. Do You Think The Battery Has Finally Kicked The Can??

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The battery is cheap enough and easy enough to replace. give it a try and take it from there. I am certain it is at the end of its lifespan. Use the guides listed if you need help with it.


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i myself do not know i pods much but i do know that it indicates that an HDD error occurred.

you might want to try to listen to the HDD before you do anything

If it sounds very normal,

Try reseating the HDD

or as other people mentioned replace the cable

If it sounds abnormal

if it sounds like it is straining to free itself to spin

try holding the iPod upside down and see if it works if you power it on

if this fails ***do this at your own risk***hold it to your waist and drop it

i don't remember why but it solved the problem for somebody

if you hear humming

your spindle motor is probably stuck , there isn't really anything you can do about that (really painful thing to happen )

if it has been exposed to where it could have fell or it has been dropped

though very rare your read/write arms could have crashed into the platter. not much recovery from that

if your hear trashing/scraping noises

i really don't remember what this means but it is probably dead

if it is squealing/screaming/squeaking, clicking

HDD heads are failing and there isn't much to do

but to attempt data recovery

###############################################################################if it isn't showing any sings of death , then yes try a restore

it however may not bee the HDD it could be something faulty between the hdd and whatever reads from it (better be the CPU if i am not mistaken) if possible if you suspect a failure like this open it up and inspect closely for any signs of scorches,corrosion,cold solder joints

this is all i would know

please report back

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sorry for my answer being so long


oh yeah if you do drop it on CARPET

that advice solved this persons problem


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