Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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I get a blank, blue screen at startup


My MacBook stopped working. When I turn it on, the screen becomes a deep blue instead of a light grey. I have recently replaced the ram with 8gb from another MacBook (15"). I have tried removing the ram, and it detects the missing memory with the periodic single beep, so I don't think that is the cause. The fans still runs at startup, not excessively either, so I don't believe the cpu is overheating or the sensor is bad. I have tried all key combinations to reset the nvram, startup in verbose, startup in single user mode, safe boot.

When I plug in the charger, the light goes to green to orange so I don't think it could be the battery.

I have replaced my optical drive with a SSD, however, removing the SSD does not help. I still have the HDD in the original location.

If it's any issue, I also have a sticker on the outside. :)

Obviously I want to know what the issue could be, and any help is appreciated.

Thank you

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are you able to place the original memory back into the unit?

was this issue only after replacing memory?


Hi yes I have tried to replace the memory with the original,, and this issue did start after replacing the memory, but it started a few days after the replacement.


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If the RAM is an exact match many times blue screens indicate corrupt boot folder or failing HD.

Have you tried to boot from a different volume (target boot from the 15"?).

Try an R (repair) boot and run disk tools on the boot volume.

Try a D boot (or AHT) boot - which one depends on the OS you're using.

If any of those allow a "normal" boot (no blue screen hang) then the problem points to software, not hardware, and a reinstall of the OS is probably needed.

If none of the above work seems to indicate a hardware failure.

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I don't quite know how to target boot from the 15", but regardless I don't have access to it anymore. I have tried the R boot and the D boot and neither seems to work.

So I suppose it would be a hardware error. Do you have ideas as to which part it may be? If so, is it replacable?


I would suspect the HD - but the only confirmation would be a successful boot from some other volume. Either an install disk, a net boot, or from a target booted other machine. (Tow target boot the working machine hold the T key at boot, then you connect via Firewire or USB ports and hold the option key on the bad mac to choose the good volume)


Ok, my setup will sound retarded, but it hear me out

So I replaced my optical bay with a solid state drive, so I have 2 hard drives, one original hard disk, one solid state. Both drives have Yosemite on them, the solid state also has windows 7 on the second partition.

I have tried every combination between the two drives, taking each one out one at a time and booting. I have also used my (now) external optical bay to run a windows OS and tried to boot from that disk. Same problem. I let the system run until the DVD stops spinning.

Either I'm getting too impatient with the boot attempts(not letting it run before I shut down again) or this isn't the problem either.

I'm sorry guys, I'm all out of ideas, so I'm taking it to the store tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens in case others have the same problem.


On the bright side, I just realized that the external optical bay (connected through usb) actually had power to rotate the DVD. Therefore the peripherals may not be an issue, and it could help move the issue away from a logic board problem hopefully? I defer to your judgement.


''A different volume" does not mean one of your possibly problematic drives in an external case. I've never heard of a Mac booting directly from a Windisk. You should disconnect all periipherals when troubleshooting a boot issue.


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