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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 that was released on September 19, 2014. Model Numbers: A1549, A1586, and A1589

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iTunes Error 53 - Please help!

I repair iPhones for a living and after iPhone 6 was released I've come across iTunes error 53 when updating/restoring iPhone 6's.

Error 53 is not listed anywhere and I cannot find any guides or info besides to take it back to Apple store, which is not an option.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I now know that this is a touch ID related problem. I also know why error 53 appears. If you change the screen of an iPhone 6 while the power is still on you will get error 53. You can also get error 53 if the iPhone is water damaged.

However, I haven't found an answer for the problem yet.

I've tried to restore, hard reset, DFU restore, change the home button and restore, restore without home button, restore with original home button, Logic board in test cabinet and restore. Nothing helps.

Has anyone had success with error 53 yet?

UPDATE 2/18/16 EDIT by mayer:

Sorry - I need to stick this answer & edit in here:

Confirmed: Apple’s Error 53 Fix Works

This morning, Apple apologized to its customers and admitted that Error 53 was a mistake—as opposed to a deliberate security feature. They also released a patch to iOS 9.2.1 that purports to fix Error 53—un-bricking phones disabled by the problem and preventing it from happening in the future to phones repaired outside of Apple's network.

Of course, we had to test the repair procedure ourselves. We’re pleased to report that the fix successfully fixed our Error 53ed iPhone 6s, and the process is refreshingly straightforward.

Visit our blog for more on our analysis.

Nice job, Apple! Rolling out a fix is not only a win for consumers—but a clear victory for the right to repair your stuff. But there’s still a lot of work left to do to ensure that owners and independent repair shops have all the parts, tools, information, and support they need to fix products. And we’re going to continue to fight these battles publicly, in front of the Copyright Office, in front of lawmakers, and wherever else they need to be fought.

You can head over to to check out all the other ways we’re working to make sure people can fix stuff when it break.

If you have any questions, or would like to request an interview, please email Kay-Kay Clapp at


when ur doing software please press home button untill restore the mobile just know i do it for 2 mobile......error of 53..


bonsoir j ai le même problème la touche ID ne marchais pas alors je voulais faire une mise ajour et depuis il me ramène l erreur 53


iphone 6 error 53 hlp me


i have disconnected the touch id and touch screen,and the restored the iphone,but still have the problem... any one know that what should i do?


If you disconnect the Touch ID cable, of course you will get error 53. Now only Apple can fix your phone, there is literally nobody else can help.


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Just Released by iFixit

Confirmed: Apple’s Error 53 Fix Works

This morning, Apple apologized to its customers and admitted that Error 53 was a mistake—as opposed to a deliberate security feature. They also released a patch to iOS 9.2.1 that purports to fix Error 53—un-bricking phones disabled by the problem and preventing it from happening in the future to phones repaired outside of Apple's network.

Of course, we had to test the repair procedure ourselves. We’re pleased to report that the fix successfully fixed our Error 53ed iPhone 6s, and the process is refreshingly straightforward.

Visit our blog for more on our analysis.

Nice job, Apple! Rolling out a fix is not only a win for consumers—but a clear victory for the right to repair your stuff. But there’s still a lot of work left to do to ensure that owners and independent repair shops have all the parts, tools, information, and support they need to fix products. And we’re going to continue to fight these battles publicly, in front of the Copyright Office, in front of lawmakers, and wherever else they need to be fought.

You can head over to to check out all the other ways we’re working to make sure people can fix stuff when it break.

If you have any questions, or would like to request an interview, please email Kay-Kay Clapp at


Its great that Apple has finally fixed this problem but why did it take so long, I just sold my daughters iPhone6 plus a week a go for the price of parts because of this error, never mind thats how the cookie crumbles!


Finally, Apple has a solution to the problem that they themselves created ! Ran the update however after he returned to run the iOs but my wifi stopped working and that before was working normally. Does anyone have an idea what can be ?


@junao Elias - I would suggest starting a new question on this as it is a new problem.


If it’s home button disconnect battery install home button then connect to iTunes it should be working fine


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The iPhone 6 error 53 is caused by the touch sensor. The touch sensor has a chip in it that talks with the motherboard. It cannot be swapped out. This is to prevent theft. If you have the original touch sensor, your cable might have been damaged.

Here is more info


Question. I have an iPhone 6 where the rear camera no longer focuses. Apple just sent me a brand new iPhone 6 and I have to send them my old one back.

The home button on the brand new phone doesn't make the click sound when you press it, but it's functional. The old phones home button clicks perfectly.

Can I swap the original home button from my current iPhone 6, with the new iPhone 6 and will the Touch ID still work with no errors? Both phones are original and neither has ever been opened yet for any reason.


No no no no no. Don't open it. Call apple back and tell them that they sent you a phone whose home button doesn't click. I know this happened with my old iPhone 5 and it was an issue of the home button turning in its place. Call them and have them send you a new. Don't open it! Or they may not replace it.


After some research, I found that error 53 should be Touch ID related. Do not replace the Touch ID button or you'll always end up with this error code on iPhone 6/6 plus.


Like the iPhone 5S, then the home botton is unique for the phone. If its replaced then the touch will never work.

However, we never replaced a homebotton on either the 5S or iPhone 6.

The Error 53 is related to touch, but it somehow fails after a screen replacement, but i do not know why and how to fix it.


yes i think you right, the touch id seems not working before this update


When replacing the screen make sure to keep the original home button. That fixed my problem.


you can get a new functional touch id sensor from Apple for $109 and it comes with a free screen and installation :) Just make sure you don't have any water or frame damage :)


Do you know if I could replace/change my iPhone 6 Touch ID? In fact, I have just bought an iPhone 6, it seems that it has its touch ID already changed (it is not the original one that was shipped with the iPhone when bought from Apple) and the touch ID doesn't work. I want to know if I could program it or set it up to be able to "pair" this new Touch ID to the iPhone 6. Is there any solution to that or does Apple offer a solution for that (no warranty anymore, overseas iPhone too)?

Thank you in advance for any help.


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Update 1/27/16

What is Error 53:

Error 53 is indeed TouchID related. Apple states on their error info page that: “If your iOS device has Touch ID, iOS checks that the Touch ID sensor matches your device’s other components during an update or restore. This check keeps your device and the iOS features related to Touch ID secure.” That means if your home button, or home button cable are not the ones originally shipped with your phone, you could run into error 53. The incidences of Error 53 have dramatically increased after the release of iOS 9.

Why it sucks:​​

Apple claims this is a security measure, but TouchID is a convenience, not a necessity. Even if you have TouchID, the phone still requires a PIN. So if you were able to take a locked phone, install a new TouchID magically coded to your finger you’d still need to know the PIN. So Apple is really just locking out replacement parts. Does Apple hate third party repair? Perhaps.

It could be caused by an unforeseen error, although if that were the case they could have issued a software fix. Either way it doesn’t make us very happy, and certainly sounds like something Apple needs to fix. There should be a way to re-synchronize the native components. As long as the device requires a PIN on boot, then the device would be just as secure as it was before the part swap.

​​How do I avoid Error 53?

When you replace your display, use the original touch ID sensor, button, and ​cable. If you must replace a home button or torn cable, do not upgrade your phone OS.

What do you do now?

If you encounter Error 53 and can reinstall your original home button and original home button cable, do so. If you don’t have the original parts, and haven’t updated your phone yet, don’t. If your home button is faulty, don’t replace it, use the on-screen accessibility button, or risk bricking your phone. If you need to replace your display, be sure to transfer your button and​​ cable to the new screen.


Actually I support this pairing, this is necessary for fingerprint data security. FYI, this error only occurs on devices supporting Apple Pay so I believe that is the root cause.

That being said, there is room for improvement. Apple could split the button switch and the Touch ID sensor, that is a plus for repairability.


If its a security feature it still does not back sense, why leave the iPhone vunerable until the user does a software update, the iPhone should error as soon as the wrong home button is connected, or alternatively just wipe the finger print data that is stored so the iPhone can be used but not the finger print data, I would like to think that error 53 has been an unitentional error. Either way after experiencing this error and having to deal with an upset daughter whos iPhone was converted to a paper weight, I may look elsewhere when it comes to upgrading my iPhone.


It makes perfect sense. Apple Pay makes the device itself a physical credit card. It is necessary to protect payment security at all costs, even if it involves breaking the device, That's why the error is only seem on Apple Pay supported devices, on iPhone 5s, you can still restore without a working Touch ID.


And, BTW, this security error is also hitting people who have defective factory Touch ID buttons -- who have never tampered with their phones.


Dear Tom Chai

Fingerprint is never a safety measure but a convenience, because it is a password you can't change and you leave the code on any smooth surface you touch. so any excuse there is on pairing faulty. The real security is in the code not in the fingerprint. the fingerprint is just a hole in the security


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Hi Guys, replaced the display from one customer and fingerprint didn't work so I advised him to restore in DFU mode. Error 53, stuck. Customer was blaming me so I had to find a solution, here it is:

1. Be VERY CAREFULL removing the fingerprint cable stuck to the back of the LCD Shield. Seems we damaged it just a tiny bit, almost invisible to the eye. That caused the error 53.

2. The solution, connect a new cable cable (the long one stuck on the back of the LCD) and do the restore again. Before it stopped when it was about 50% in the restore and now it smoothly moved through.

Hope that can help you guys as well.




I am experiencing this error code, my screen was fixed by an apple technician but he said the phone will not work now and i need to buy a new handset. I have tried restoring iTunes but it gets 50% and i get error message (53) please tell me how to fix this, i have only had the phone 4 months.



I had the same problem what fixed it for me was putting the original home button that came with the phone. Once that's done restore again and it will work.


Error 53 is bad touch id in my case I resested the cable and it worked


you can get a new functional touch id sensor from Apple for $109 and it comes with a free screen and installation :) Just make sure you don't have any water or frame damage :)


@alaskan1025 Only if you live in the USA!


I was given a water damaged iPhone 6, I tried DFU Restoring it and it would error 53 on both my Mac & Windows PC and with different cables & up to date iTunes clients. It had fried itself in the home button cable that continues behind the LCD Shield plate to touch ID/home button assembly connection. I thought I would try getting a new LCD Shield plate that includes the home button cable. I swapped out the LCD Shield plates out and SUCCESS with the DFU Restore! Error 53 in this instance was hardware related! Thanks for the some of the posts here that helped me pinpoint the likely cause which you only discover when trying to restore!


Was this with the orginal home button?



When you had this water damaged iphone with error 53 was the screen working? I have a water damaged iphone 6 and the screen doesn't seem to be working even when I swapped it out for a new one. However, I do receive error 53 when I connect it to my Mac.

If I swap out the plate will this fix the error 53 and screen issue?


Yes the screen was working, but it had lines running thru it. I have since put a replacement screen on it and it works fine. Did you use the original LCD shield plate on the new screen? If you have access to another LCD shield plate try that. As per my earlier comment I used a new LCD Shield plate which included the Home Button cable as was able to restore fine.


@ lukageek yes it was. I wouldn't suggest replacing the home button as that will definitely cause error 53 restore issues


If you have tried using a different USB cord and port then it seems to be a Hardware issue (read post from nelsoh21 near bottom of page). Returning the phone to Apple is best solution.


My was cracked is i updated and i have the same error 53 any help please,now i can't use the phone again


i done again yesterday one more error 53 if you want to get it done call me when you near your laptop this is a trick to get out from verification process once you get out from this process after your phone go easy to restore asad from UK London call me on this number i realy want to help you 00447454161087 give me reference ifixit .


Machead3 please show me how to bypass the verification process. my email is please. thank you


hi my email is is there any way to contact you socially i need to get my iphone 6 out error 53, the phone was working normal before i try to update and got the error pls


Hi , My Email is , could you please send me how to escape such verification process on Email , Please


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I just fixed the error 53 on my iPhone by following this guide

1 Comment:

Thank you, It worked for me.


Error 53 is tied directly to the Touch ID sensor/home button. This will come up when you change a screen and either don't switch the original button over, or kink/rip any part of the cable going under the metal tray or the button ribbon itself that connects to the long tray ribbon near the home button. It will be impossible to update without the original button.

source: tech


you can get a new functional touch id sensor from Apple for $109

and it comes with a free screen and installation :) Just make sure you don't have any water or frame damage :)


Yeah, I would LOVE to have access to that, but I'm in South America where no Apple Stores exist. I've been looking for help with getting original 6 displays down for repairs, but no luck yet. If you know how I could get those, please let me know. :)


Apple has a mail in self-solve. I would try that. Not sure if they return to International addresses or not.


Hello, I have an iphone 6 that has the ERROR 53. Does the new functional touch id sensor from Apple considered to be universal that would work with every iphone 6?


If it's a new phone that you haven't change anything (opening it) AND you have it less than a year, I recommend you to go to the Apple Store. This is because you still have the one year warranty that comes with the product. When you go, the technician will try updating your phone. If it fails to update, your phone will be replace.

I know this because my iPhone 6+ had the error. Since it was still under warranty, I brought it to the Apple Store and get it check out. They replaced my phone. So I got a new phone. I didn't pay anything because it was under warranty.

Just want to share to save you some trouble and get a brand new phone.

i got this fixed please go step by step

1- if your device is stuck than press the power key and perform a hard restart .

2-now plug the device with computer using usb

3. you may need to update the ios version see if this fix your issue .

for more visit

and see if this will help you to fix this issue

I had the same problem. After changing the metal sheet with the home button connection cable on it several times to no avail I swapped the home-button for a button laying around in the shop, possibly the original one and it worked.

Anyone know if the same goes for iphone 5s where you swap home button? Got a customer with working touch ID but defective button but don't want to have to put the original back in every time she updates.

If there is no workaround for this problem in the future this is a serious threat for people with a shop. Simply rip a home-button and you will end up paying for someones iphone 6 :-/


Very true, a 600 dollar phone not working because of a 10 dollar part.


You can get a new functional touch id sensor from Apple for $109 and it comes with a free screen and installation :) Just make sure you don't have any water or frame damage :)


alaskan1025 you will lose another 109$ for your new screen as it wont help. You need an original home button or just install it without the screen on.

try this:


I have also found the most reliable way, if possible,is to not do the update directly in itunes, but over wifi because I don't think the "connection" via the USB port can stay active as long as the updates take to install.


Error 53 in iTunes is Touch ID related. It can appear to an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, if the unique Touch ID sensor cannot communicate with the CPU. If you are having a hardware issue with your iPhone (broken screen, muted sound etc) and you are trying to fix it yourself, it is strictly recommended that you make a backup before attempting any internal changes. During screen replacement you can easily damage the ribbon cable connecting the TouchID sensor with the mainboard, leading to a state where your device is bricked and you simply cannot restore it or update it. Neither jailbreaking tools nor any other method can bypass the specific problem, no matter how many times you try. Do not try to replace a screen if you are not an experienced technician in these models, as long as you don't want to end with a bricked device. I had the same issue with an iPhone 6 16GB and replacing the little ribbon cable solved the issue instantly (ebay cost 3$). I think that I've helped you! Good luck with your repairs ;-)

Hijust remove whole lcd just connect battery plug in cable and restore i did one


Please contact me!!! I beg you, 7328249772 shoot me a text if u can help me and fix my phone I'll PayPal u $50


Asad Abbas i call ypou three times but you did not receive my call, i called you from UAE.


Hey Asad Can i email you? I'm stuck at the error 53 error.


i think this Asad Abbas guy is a fake messing around with ppl i tried calling 6 times also this guy didn't answer.


hola! Asad Abbas, podrias indicarme el truco para saltar el proceso de verificacion? muchas gracias por la ayuda


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Ok i work for celulap and we had the same issue here so iphone 6 and 6 plus have a serialised Screen and there for You must do the restore with its orginal screen if you must do the restore.

so if you have a iphone six with that error message there has been a screen replacement. and the screen that you are replacing it not a genuine screen now in days if you got a cheap screen replacement that is going to be the case.thanks and good luck just do restore with original screen and home button and was its namo.

Hey - I am a repairer as well.

Here is a youtube video solution.

iPhone 6 error 53 solution

1 Comment:

give vedeo link


This is related to a Touch ID error. i replaced my screen and got this so i put my old home button back in the new screen and it worked perfect

Try restoring before you put new screen or do it with original one

1 Comment:

good idea but I already destroyed my button


Had this problem on my first iPhone 6 repair.

The problem is that you phone does not detect your home button. There is an IC-chip on it which has the ID and touch config that works SPECIFICALLY with your phone. Behind the shielding plate is a bridge cable that goes from the Home-button to the top where it is connected. If this is damaged it needs to be replaced. Now next to the homebutton is where this bridge is connected to it. If the flext TO the home button is damaged, you need to replace the homebutton. If this homebutton flex cable is damaged you have lost your touch ID forever.

Error 53 has nothing to do with screen change. Home-button and the screen does not communicate with each other really. It Is your phone that does not detect the Home Button that is all.

My problem with this phone i fixed for a friend is that i had not seated the connection between the home button flex to the bridge flex. I opened the phone, de-attached everything and re-attached it again. After booting up it finally restored the iPhone and Error 53 was no more.

Try this if a tech has replaced your screen. That tiny little connection is small and fiddly. Try some rubbing alcohol to clean them if you can. Follow ifixit guides to dismantle or give it back to your tech to recheck the connections.

DFU did not work. It will simply kick you out of DFU and go back to the restore process.

1 Comment:

Probably another greedy Apple decision. "Yeah hey, lets make your iPhone a useless paperweight. You destroy your Home button, you destroy your phone for good. Buy another one sir"

Seriously. If you damage the Home button and warranty is gone, its IS gone.. dead, buried and totally bricked (granted you dont update it). Another retarded stunt from Apple for you to buy another iPhone..

Stay away from this company and their phones. They just want your money for what it is worth.


iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus with Error 53

Error 53 occurs when the apple validation script can't verify your hardware, in this case, the Touch ID module.

The touch ID module may be aftermarket (Not "Genuine") but if you did not encounter a problem when first replacing the screen assembly or Touch ID module, then your aftermarket Touch ID is most likely NOT the issue. (If the solution below does not work, see the footer)

Your Touch ID has 2 very small screws which fasten it to the iPhone frame. One or Both of those screws are loose, and that creates a huge problem. We need to operate.

When opening anything, get your tools ready, and find something to keep your screws and pieces safe and organised. A cup will do fine, but a magnetic screw dish or some masking tape folded over will be better.

Get a pentalobe screwdriver unscrew and remove the two screws at the bottom next to the charging port, open up your iPhone using a soft prying tool such as a spudger or guitar pick, first prying at the bottom then works up both sides towards the ear speaker end.

Flip your phone over so the glass screen is on the table and lift the back cover up. above the home button, you will see the piece held by two screws. You will need a small Phillips head to tighten them. Thread locker is also good to use, but not necessary.

Close the iPhone back up by inserting the screen assembly into the frame at the top, and then closing (like a notepad). You should feel 2 sets of "clicks" as the screen assembly clicks into the frame. Insert the 2 Pentalobe screws back into the iPhone frame, then screw them in firmly, but do not overtighten.

This next step is a little more frustrating, but I guarantee if the above solution didn't fix your error, this next solution will.

Get a friends phone and swap their screen assembly into yours. You will need to open both phones as described above, then remove the 5 screws on the metal plate (It has the ribbons cables of the screen assembly running underneath).

Remove the metal plate gently, and use a playing card, or small screwdriver to gently pry up the connector. There will be four connectors, one for each cable running off the screen assembly. Swap your friends screen assembly onto your iPhone and plug it in, to update/restore. If you don't have a friend with the same phone, or they replaced their screen or assembly with an aftermarket assembly, their touch ID will also likely trigger the error. You might want to consider purchasing a replacement Genuine Touch ID module and swapping it over (iFixit has what you need, and the links are below the footer in footer #2).

WARNING: The software update or restore takes a while, so if you are near a lot of static or electromagnetic energy, or it is a dry hot day, you won't want to risk leaving the remainder of your friends iPhone aside and open/unsheilded. If you are next to a device or in an environment like a radio broadcasting station or plastics and fabrics shop, the sheilding plate of both phones should immediately be refitted, with at least 1 screw to ground it. Its also a good idea to ground yourself, especially on hot days.

When you have finished, just check the screws which fasten the touch IDs on both screen assemblies (they come loose often), then swap the assemblies back. Make sure you replace both sheilds and 5 screws for each shield plate. The longer screw goes in the hole closest to the power button. If the screws and plates got mixed up, the plates are identical, and each iPhone gets 4 short screws and 1 longer screw.

Touch ID Replacement

I swapped the Touch ID with a Genuine Apple Touch ID, but I still get Error 53.

Assuming you did buy it from the apple store and you didn't just get ripped off by an eBay seller, or some little repair shop in the nearby shopping centre, you will need to take more drastic action.

More complicated solutions if everything else fails.

Matthew Kessanis


You cannot swap it out, the original fingerprint can never be replaced, if it brakes Apple wants you to buy a new iphone.


As the 1st responder to your post said...ONLY the original Home button (original fingerprint) can be used. An after-market or new Home button will not work. Tightening screws have absolutely NOTHING to do with an error 53 solution. For your information, it is a "connection" issue or faulty hardware that uses electronic circuits. People come here looking for REAL should try doing better research before giving advise. It's obvious to me that you have NO experience with this particular issue.


chuck is right. i bought two screens from apple for same motherboard. both apple oem. only latest screen/finger sensor works even though the first that was undamaged was put back on. apple told me my phone is bricked and would have to buy new phone even though phone has no damage.


I am a Tech and came across this issue with an iPhone 6 I was repairing. I just placed the original screen and button, put it in DFU mode and did the restore. Try DFU mode as well.

Same issue here. Replaced the home button to motherboard flex cable, restored back to factory, then backed up from last backup. All went well and it updated during the reactivation process.

1 Comment:

so the home button is not an original one?


This is due to your Lcd backplate flex cable connect to the home button flex is damaged. That's causing the (error 53)

This actually just happened to me. I had my phone carrier send me a new phone and the actual day that the phone came I fixed my current iPhone 6 Plus from the error 53 problem. I had spent 8+ hours trying to fix this problem and couldn't find any solutions to it that did not involve opening the actual phone reconnecting pieces or changing pieces. So I kept reading online that people were uninstall and reinstall and iTunes but nobody actually confirm that this actually work. As a last resort when the day came before it actually arrived I try this method sure enough lo and behold after I got back from playing video game with my friend for a couple hours my phone was fixed I couldn't believe it. I'm actually typing this right now on the phone that have the nerve 53 message my phone was correct don't get me wrong there was absolutely nothing I could do it was a useless piece of junk but now it's been revived. It's a daunting task I know but just try that method at least give it one try. Work for me after all. Note: do you remember to go into your library under the music folder into iTunes and retrieve any music that you want to save just to make sure that it doesn't get deleted uponuninstalling the program. I hope that this works for you and everybody else that has this problem it worked for me I don't know why it just did.

1 Comment:

so all you have done so far is just uninstall and reinstall your iTune? It did not work as my iTune can get the 5s restored with no problem but error 53 with 6 plus. I bought the phone from ebay and not sure if they already change the home button :(


Replace your lcm to fix the problem, try this

if you changed HomeButton then replace it back Home button change to original *

Error 53 is a fault either with charging port,charging lead or the main fault is the long home button lead connected to the back plate. Hope that this helps.

Regards Steve

Guys, my touch id is original. My Iphone is original. He"s dead after 9.0.2 atualization.

From a series of phones that had this problem, it was conclusive that it dealt with the originality of the home button. This case only appeared when someone was going to restore their iPhone with a replaced home button. I have tried a new home button cable with the new button and nothing worked. If you have your original button, try to fix the problem that way first. If nothing happens then there isn't anything else that can be done. This problem is also due to the new update, it is possible that in the next update Apple will have a fix for this problem.

Finally I found a solution hat worked for me to Fix iTunes Error 53

Make sure you have the original home button, if you have the original home button and you still have this message, make sure your home flex cable is not damaged, if it is damaged replace the (long cable on the backplate,carefully) cable and that should fix the problem.

Did you read this solution

vui lòng chỉ cho tôi làm thế nào để bỏ qua quá trình xác minh. email của tôi là làm ơn. cam on

this problem create after change display slot uper matel strip scrue change

some scrue long s some small long scrue print cut after tight so never change scrue

Open up the phone so you can get to the home button flex. If you try the restore and let it run till it fails. Unclip only the home button flex from the ribbon cable socket beside the home button. Run the restore again, It will fail. Connect the home button to the flex again, run the restore and this time it will complete.



1 Comment:

Is the home button you are using original with the phone? Or you can do it with any home button?



The error 53 is related to the OEM home button which is only for the Touch ID model phones. Apples update verifies if the Touch ID is original or not. If not it locks the phone and gives you an error 53, the only way to fix it is to go to apple have then replace the Touch ID and they have a machine that reprograms the touch functions and have the phone working again, I tell all my customers with home button issue take to apple to repair.

I got success with it it constantly come up with the error 53 without the screen and with it got it finally work

Clean the connectors and the board

With a cotton bud also updated Windows and kept trying holding down the home button finally worked and now on 9.1

I managed to fix mine!

Problem was that I snapped the ribbon cable when changing the screen so I had to buy another one and replace it. I kept the same home button. The pin code was tried too many times so I had to restore the phone but got error 53.

So it seems the ribbon cable effects this too.


1. Unplug the ribbon cable connector and home connector (i.e both ends).

2. Try to restore through Itunes.

3. You will probably get the error 53 so switch off the iphone and unplug from PC.

4. Reinsert the home button and ribbon on both ends.

5. Switch on again and attempt itunes restore.

It sounds simple and illogical but it worked for me. Definitely worth a try.

Remember my home button is original so I don't know if it works for that but for unoriginal ribbons it did.


When you have downloaded the restore firmware once, you don't have to do it again.

On the next attempt, just hold SHIFT and click the RESTORE button.

Then find the firmware file in the following folder:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

1 Comment:

Im not a technician but a despearte iphone 6 error 53 owner. Managed to open the phone. I hope you dont mind me asking, which one is the ribbon cable connector which one is the home connector? Thanks


It's a software problem....I had 2 take my iPhone 6 Plus back 2 Apple & they replaced it but only if it's still under warranty

1 Comment:

its a hardware problem, and the software will tell you error 53, meaning "buy a new phone"


I just had my first run in with this error 53. We completed the screen repair a few months ago and he has had no issues with the device since then until the update to 9.1. We tried a few things first like DFU and recovery and RECBoot.

Here is what fixed it for me: We clipped in a new home button flex cable with the original home button and the replacement screen. We did the restore again and it worked! Took out the home button flex cable from back plate and reinstalled the screen and it is problem solved.

Hope this helps you too.



Could you be more specific on how you did this? What do you mean you "clipped in a new home button flex cable with the original home button"?


What he means by "clipped in" is he attached a new home button cable without actually installing it completely. So the cable he installed when he did the screen repair was actually bad. It didn't show up until the update to 9.1 was done.


are you talking about this flex cable?


iTunes error 53 is MOSToften the result of a screen change that has gone bad. Here are the common issues that cause error 53:

- Screen is replaced with a NEW Home button installed. You MUST!!! install the original Home does not matter what else you try, you'll get error 53 every time.

- The metal shield on the back of screen assembly I call the "screen backplate". The flex ribbon that attaches to the screen backplate that runs from the top to bottom, I call the "Home button flex ribbon". This flex ribbon is most often damaged at the bottom where the Home button connects to it. The bottom of the Home button flex ribbon is attached to screen with adhesive, & can be easily torn. Be very careful removing it. If flex ribbon is will cause error 53, but can be fixed by replacing flex ribbon.

- The Home button flex ribbon connector, at bottom of flex ribbon is NOT properly seated at bottom of new screen when installed. There is a tiny ridge at the bottom of screen where the connector sits up against allowing it to sit flush against the screen. Often the ridge is overlooked & the connector sits on top of the ridge instead, causing it to sit at an angle & not flush against screen. So when the Home button is connected, it is not fully seated. Simply make sure the Home button flex connector is positioned & seated properly against screen.

- The Home button itself has a short flex ribbon that connects to the Home button flex ribbon. If it's damaged in will cause error 53...and can NOT be fixed by you, only Apple can resolve. That flex ribbon is also attached to screen with adhesive, so be careful removing.

In summary, you MUST install the original Home button & the ONLY part that can be replaced is the Home button flex ribbon to try and resolve error 53.


It worked whike changing the home button from a used iphone 6

the original home button has a serial number in correlation to the motherboard i haven't figured this out yet, far as i know there is no solution. using another "oem" button does not fix this issue, due to the difference in serial number.

replace the lcd shield plate!!! works>...

My touch id censor is water damaged, but it's still the original one. When I try to restore my phone, it only runs up to 50% whats the solution? Is it to fix the home button only?

Here is the most recent update from Apple on error 53 - so unless Apple decides not to check the home sensor button during the software verification process (Which they could easily do) and you have a damaged or replaced a home button then the only solution for error 53 is to take it to Apple.

Personally I think this stinks, if owners of iPhones do not have access to Apple stores or can't afford Apple repair rates then they should be able to have the home button repaired by a 3rd party(If your on a budget you probably won't mind that touch ID does not work), a software update (Which you keeping getting nagged to do) should not brick a working iPhone without any warning!

If you want Apple to fix this issue give them feedback at -

I actually fixed a customers error 53 today... was kinda shocked! We did a screen swap a few weeks ago and customer got in touch to say he had error 53. There was no evidence of any damage to the home flex or long flex, both were properly seated.

As a last resort we tried replacing the long home flex and woolah no more error 53! I dont know if it was shorted (certainly looked fine) but very relieved it worked!

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thats if the damage is on the home flex cable.. if its on the home button itself its impossible to fix.


The California law STATES that the "bricking" (or locking) of the phone for security reasons must be reversible.

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However this is totally irrelevant. The "kill switch" is designed to prevent theft, error 53 is a malfunction, not a lock in any way.


Big news buddies.

But the Touch Id will remain unfunctionnal but it won't be stucked anymore.

Error 53 is now fixable. Apple released a software update and now all you have to do is plug your phone into your computer and restore it and error 53 will be fixed. Touch ID won't work though.

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