Split a cup of tea on the keyboard while on and charging?

I was working on my MacBook when it knocked over a full cup of tea onto the keyboard. The entire cup emptied and all of it landed on the laptop.

I lifted it up straight away, held it upside down to let any excess liquid run out and held in the power button to turn it off.

My question really is what should is my best method of repair?

So far I removed the bottom panel and taken out the hard drive. I don't have a Y1 Tri-wing Screwdriver or a T6 Torx Screwdriver so I couldn't remove the battery or other parts.

Now I have it sitting close to a radiator to help it dry.


Thanks very much this is a great help. I have order the Ifixit 26 Bit Driver Kit which has all the heads needed for this repair.

The only thing is i don't have a bag of rice big enough to totally cover the laptop, is it ok t just have it in a bag and pour the rice over the components? See photo

Block Image

Answer this question I have this problem too

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