Cracked Glass Maybe Digitizer

I have a Surface Pro 3 that just had to fall and thus crack the glass. Now when it boots up, it has touch circles that race up and down the crack as if someone is touching it in that area. However, I am able to do touch on one side of the screen when this happens. Does this mean that just the glass is ncracked or has the digitizer been damaged? I figured that the digitizer is detecting the crack as touch. Do you think a simple glass protector like the Zagg glass ones would pull both sides of the crack back in sync to allow full screen touch again?

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How have you got on?

The glass appears to be the digitizer at least it seems to be fused. The LCD is glued to the pannel and has different cables.

Your method may work and it is worth the gamble given it is considerably less costly than any other solution. You will loose accuracy because of refraction.

Finding a replacment of correct model appear impossible. Versions sold as replacments ebay and elsewhere do not have coresponding numbers or connectors at least to the model I have and I am told models other than 1.1 are rare.

I suggest contacting microsoft for repair or wait until a Digitizer + LCD becomes available.

Seperating the digitizer from the lcd is extremply hard because of the glue used. I tried and tor the lcd coating.

Good luck.

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Hey can you give me some direction on separating the two? I'm trying to separate the lcd from digitizer, but not sure exactly how to go about it.


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I'm sorry but you use it again you will have to replace the digitizer and the display because it is pasted and will break when trying to take.. I have the same problem so far I didn't find this item to sell, I think that weighs the fact this is very recent. To minimize what happened until you fix it to disable the touch so will use the keyboard normally, use the stylus to such.

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I live in Spain and a good computer man. The screen was cracked- I did not drop it-. When the crack spread across the screen, the tablet started acting weird. He decided that the cracked touch screen was affecting the tablet. He disconnected the touch and stylus. If I turn off the tablet, the only way to turn it on again- maybe- is to disengage the keyboard. So I keep it on sleep. Sometimes, the curser will work from the keyboard but most of the time I must attach a mouse to move the curser. I am getting a new HP laptop!

Is there any future for my SP 3? I go to the states in the fall where I could look for options, However, I have not read anything positive on repairs. Yes, I remember those circles and the tablet just doing its own thing.


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Hey Chris, open up Device Manager and disable all of the touch features. I'm writing this now on an SP3 with major cracks in the digizer glass covering the LCD, and it works fine until I can replace it.

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