Have to replace logic board - which i7s work?

My iMac failed to start suddenly; the boot chime occurs, but nothing appears on the screen. Tried PRAM and SMC resets. Verified its not just a backlight issue (flash light test, attempted to drive external monitor) or a graphics card issue (tested with new card from Apple), so I'm told that it's likely a logic board issue. (please chime in with other likely scenarios + diagnostics, though that's not my question).

A new board from Apple is too expensive (~$1100, and I'd purchase superior hardware and run Linux before I do that), so I'm thinking about purchasing one from a refurbishment outfit (~$400), but these typically do not have the CPU. I have an i5 in the current hardware (unknown if it is the problem, however).

If I do decide to purchase a board, I'd like to get the board for an i7, but the i7 series has progressed since the i7s that were for sale with this model.

Will all the newer i7s work?

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