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Computer turns on, but screen won't.

I recently purchased an old Macintosh Classic II on eBay. Pictures were shown of it working on the page, by the way. When I flick the power switch, the lights on the keyboard flicker, the hard drive spins up, and it plays the little "dummm" startup sound, but the screen won't turn on. No sad Mac, no white lines, nothing. Does anybody know how to fix this?



Thanks for the help guys, but I got in contact with the seller and they're helping me get UPS to reimburse me because they screwed it all up (they chipped the case, which was inside bubble wrap, which was inside packing peanuts, which was inside a box labeled "FRAGILE"! I'm also assuming that this is what messed up the monitor.)

Edit 2:

I opened up the computer, and it turns out the video board popped off the back of the CRT. I Slid it back on, and it worked!

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Wow! very lucky! Do you have the needed OS and apps?


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Wow a blast from the past!

First - As it is not working from what was stated to you it would be (if I understand correctly) then you should return it to get your money back. If you have a strong desire to make this a working system then you have some work (and costs) and you still may not get it working.

These systems have a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) display which uses very high voltages so if you have not worked on old tube type TV's I would strongly recommend you don't attempt poking around as you can get a good zap that can kill you.

OK, so what it likely the issues here? The hight voltage electrolytic capacitors have likely lost there ability to hold a charge or the CRT tube its self is blown.

Finding good power supplies as a replaceable unit will be hard to find and there caps maybe not much better so you will need to hunt down the caps from a supplier that has fresh ones (they do age). Finding a CRT might be easier but be careful its not burn't in. What happens it the static image of the menu will burn the phosphor of the display leaving a ghost image which may not lineup with the active image if its a used tube.

Look around on the internet for a service manual and schematics for this bad boy. You'll also likely need to find copies of the older 7.5.5 OS this system requires on 3.5" disks and you may also need an external HD (FireWire 400) if your internal drive needs some repairs to copy off the OS before refreshing its format. - Good Luck!

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invisibletree98, First lets look at what Apple said:"


Screen is dark; audio and drive operate


1 Readjust brightness (see Adjustments).

2 Readjust contrast (see Adjustments).

3 Check yoke cable connection.

4 Replace power/sweep board.

5 Replace logic board. Retain customer’s SIMMs.

6 Replace CRT

The repair documents on the bottom of this page should help you. You also want to check the fuse for the CRT and keep in mind that the flyback transformer and a couple of caps on this model have always been a weak spot in this design. If you are adventurous and safe, this system can most certainly be repaired. Let us know what you find and if you need further assistance with it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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