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Power Supply Change No Go!

I sat at my Mac recently, power button depressed... NOTHING! I tried the power cord in my old G5 IMac, came to life straight away! I deduced that, (as there were no fans, signs of life) that it MUST be the power supply, so I purchased an ifixit power supply kit, performed the surgery required... and NOTHING again!

Given that this is my main (business) Mac, approximately 2.5 yrs-old, and that I always keep it plugged into a UPS, I would have expected the logic board (which I now deduce to be dead) to have lasted way longer than this! I've been a professional Mac user since the grey boxes of the 90's, and always found them to be rugged workhorses, but finding my trusty $1,200 Mac inexplicably lifeless is giving me a huge trust issue!

Given that my power supply fix failed, and the logic board is therefore the issue, I've been told that I should 'bake' the logic board (yes, in the oven!) in an attempt to re-flow the solder... does anyone know if this actually works?

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From what you state I'm not sure your issue is a logic board problem here.

But to answer your question on baking your board people do strange things and because it appeared to work assumed they fix it. Sadly, a cold solder joint problem needs a bit more than just reheating to correctly fix. Sure, it might work for awhile but it's not worth the risks and you're not really fixing the root issue (bad solder).

OK what to do here. First I would check the power button (try to manually short it on the logic bd) also check the power lines from the outlet to the power supply checking the voltages. It's also possible your new supply is bad.

Sadly, your system does not have a set of diagnostic LED's on the logic board.

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Yeah, there's always the possibility of a DOA power supply. I don't recall if there are trickle LEDs on this model?

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That's awesome advice... thank you guys. I actually took my iMac in to a repair shop to do a full diagnostic (including the power switch, which never actually felt like a switch at all, as I barely ever felt a push when touching it... not sure if that's normal for this year/model, but I thought it was worth mentioning when I took it in). I'll be getting an update in the next day or so... I was considering the baking technique if all else fails! Thank you guys!


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