Fuse rating for F9900? any place to take a replacement from?

Got two bad left IO boards: one with a blown charger chip, the other - with at least a blown fuse (F9900 - btw, why there is also R9900 - does it refer to the same smd part or to two different parts?)

I tried to desolder the working fuse from the first board, but ruined it. where do I find a replacement fuse? any suggestions? what was its rating (there was a letter P on top of it, and the fuse of green color)

which circuit was it protecting and how do I tell that the rest of that circuit was working fine?

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seems I found the rating


p370 states it's a 3A 0603 Very Fast-Acting Fuse 467 Series...


R9900? (sure its 9900 not 9800?) is a SMD resistor. Those are different parts. What number is your IO board? (should be something with a 820-xxxx number)


yep. 820-2102-A

there are three fuses on that board: F8900 (2A?), F9900 (3A, although it's smaller) and F7902 (also 2A)

does anyone know what is the circuit on that board which is protected by F9900? It seems, the fuse just connects several pins on the connectors and that's it. Am I right?


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Serjio, R9900 is a 20K 1/16W resistor in a 402 package and F9900 is a 3A 32V fuse in a 603 package. " It seems, the fuse just connects several pins on the connectors and that's it. " not exactly sure what you mean by that. F9900 is your backlight fuse. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Argh. Then, probably, I am mistaken - first I thought it was a fuse between the backlight connector and the main power connector (with several thick black wires). Now, I guess,besides replacing the fuse, I should also check Q9905?


If you are having backlight issues, it won't hurt to check the FET's


decided to check what is Q9905 - I found the placeholder, but it is unpopulated! what does this mean? or is it inside the layers?


the same refers to that R9900. or could it be so that the same board was used for different type of machines, and depending upon the application of the board, several components could be left unpopulated?


I did check the schematic and it does show for the board number that you gave.


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