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How do I ground myself

In a few days i will need to open an xbox one controller to modify a few things, but i dont know how to ground myself. Can someone give me some advice please.

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Reach over and touch the center screw of a wall electrical outlet, if the house is wired with a ground. Touching a radiator or gas pipe will also work. But do this every time you sit down as walking around on most carpets will generate a charge.

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You can buy a wrist band with metal stud and a length lead on it has a crocodile clip on one end cut the crocodile clip off strip the insulation off of the lead attach the lead to the EARTH PIN off a 3 pin plug then plug it into the socket AND MAKE SURE SOCKET IS SWITCHED OFF then you will be grounded, most important make sure you attach the lead to the EARTH PIN on the plug and not the live pin or neutral if the wire on the wrist band is not long enough to reach to your socket join another piece to it then attach that to the EARTH PIN OF THE PLUG make sure socket is switched OFF.

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I would just connect to a partially unscrewed wall outlet screw. That's also grounded. I wouldn't even want to come close to hooking myself up to a wall outlet.


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Keep in mind that Grounding and Bonding are different. Grounding is normally refereed to as touching the ground or being connected to the ground by some means of metal conductivity such as the ground wire in house wiring or metal/copper house plumbing that goes into the ground.

Most of us use bonding. Our bodies have current in them as well as the device that we are working on, a spark occurs when there is a difference in current between ourselves and the device (sparks cause damage) by bonding or attaching ourselves to the device we equalize the current, when the current is equal there is no spark. Bonding is done on by wearing a strap when working on electrical components such as Computers, Cellphones, Gaming Controllers and Consoles. A grounding/bonding strap has a clip on one end that would be attached to the device or anti static work mat, the other end would strap to your wrist or ankle with the metal side touching your skin.

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Never work on any electronic equipment while plugged in. While the ground plug in your wall may be grounded it may not have the same potential as your electronics.

What you want is the same electrical potential. Place your board on a anti-stat surface ( a motherboard bag works well) if you have a wrist strap ground clip it to the bag, if not keep skin in contact with a metal surface or the bad while working on your device, static builds constantly. If the system is in a case rest an elbow on the metal power supply.

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