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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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iPod will not sync, is stuck on Apple Logo

Hi my iPod is frozen on the Apple Logo. I can reset by pushing the Menu and middle but immediately goes back to the Apple Logo. When it is plugged in sync mode itunes does not detect it. I can't get it to reset or to sync. After leaveing it for several days it tells me to charge battery. I can plug it in and it shows charging then after period of time goes back to the Apple Logo and is frozen again.

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that is my problem to me.. It always hang up into apple logo again and again what would think happened to my iPod , some kind of battery damage????

i already try that procedure but dose not work for me...

sorry for intercepting p,S. could any one a genius one to fix our problem>>


jexter, what iPod do you have?


The DFU recovery mode should be all you need to fix iPod stuck on apple logo.

Update itunes on your computer, connect the iPad to the computer. Power off the iPad.

Power on the ipad holding the power and home buttons until the apple logo (then let go of power holding Home). The ipad will say it needs to be recovered with a picture of the cable on screen.

Go to itunes (should be open) and have it restore the iPad.


my ipod touch has been on the apple logo for three days and it wont let me get in to it every time i hold the top button and middle one it keeps going back to the apple logo and i dont know wat to do plz help me


How do I get to iTunes as my iPad is frozen and not functioning


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I would try the following steps:

  1. press and hold menu and select for 5-10 seconds to reboot the iPod
  2. when the screen turns black for a reboot, press play and select at the same time and hold it for 5-10 seconds (this should put the iPod into disk mode)
  3. connect the iPod with the usb cord to the computer (start itunes - it could take a few minutes until itunes recognizes the iPod)
  4. when the iPod is in disk mode - open your file manager (finder on mac or explorer on windows) and go to the iPod - the option to see hidden folders must be activated, then go to "iPod_control/music" (if you don't have a backup of your files - copy all subfolders to your computers hard drive).
  5. delete all subfolders on the iPod's hard drive
  6. eject the iPod in itunes and unplug it from the computer
  7. reconnect it to the computer and the iPod should now be recognized from itunes, select the device and restore it (this will take a while)
  8. when itunes is done - only sync small chunks of your music (something like 1 or 2gb are enough), check every time if the iPod works - sometimes the artwork is the problem, sometimes bad encoded mp3's - but many times it's the massive amount of music that gets hammered into the iPod at once

i hope that this would help you to fix the problem

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I have an iPod 5gen that was frozen on the apple logo screen and following instructions for the model I have drove me up a wall. The instructions you posted here have at least gotten me beyond the frozen point and into the "very low battery" point.

That said, I think I'll still have issues since I've been MacGyvering this sucker for years now.



Totally fixed my old 60 gig click wheel.



Fixed !!!! Thankyou


I have the Ipod nano 4th gen.

After restoring the Ipod still the apple logo seems to appear.

everything goes well till the 7th step but ass soon as the ipod is restored and when the message is displayed in the itunes that your ipod will reappear in the itunes as soon as it restarts and after that it does not seem to work.

I restored the ipod a several times but this does not seem to work for me.

please help.


Hello please help me! when i do this the ipod gets out of disk mode after about 5 seconds. Before i can start the restoring process. What should i do?


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Hi I had identical symptoms to Mr. Jackson above with my 30gb classic. It could enter diagnostic mode and show good stats for the hard drive, but never would go into disk mode. But luck was with me - it returned to normal after this sequence........... On wall charger, reset from the diagnostic menu, got the dreaded Apple logo again, waited until the screen switched to the battery charging symbol. Immediately pressed the center button and the Ipod woke up and gave me the normal menu ! All has been good since.

Doubt this will work for all but worth a try - good luck.

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After holding Play and Select for 5-15 seconds it still won't go in disk mode.

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What else does it or does it not do?


Mine won't go into disk mode either. If I try to get it into diagnostics mode it just shuts the whole thing down as if the battery died. The only thing I can get it to do beyond the Apple logo is to unplug the HDD and the screen will light up and display the sad iPod logo for a few seconds to then switch to a screen where it tells me the battery is low. The only way out of that screen is to reset it which brings me right to the Apple logo again.


How do you reset it


You have to do *Menu + Select* for 5-10 sec AND THEN *Play/Pause + Select* for another 5-10 sec


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