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Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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iPhone 3G wifi not working - solution


i have some news, for the people who's wifi is not working.

i tried many things and now have more concrete facts about this problem.

my wifi can't find any networks.

first i thought that the problem is the wifi antenna.

on ebay there are many "wifi antennas".

all the vendors tell that this antenna http://www.traderscity.com/board/userpix... handels the wifi. but its not.

i disconnected it at a phone where wifi was working.

after disconnecting wifi still worked, but gps was not working.

so the wifi antenna must be somewhere else.

i think that this part http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sk... handels the wifi and the 3G.

i changed this part, but the phone was still not finding any networks.

so i thought, that the wifi chip on the logicboard maybe broken.

so i wanted to make another test and i installed the jailbroken app called "mywii".

with this app you can open a ad hoc network with your phone.

and it works.

so the wifi chip is not broken.

wifi antenna and chip are working fine. but phone is not finding any networks. this is very strange.

i have no idea what the problem can be.

but its not the antenna and not the wifi chip.

i also tried to reset network settings, made a update and restore. but nothing works.

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Hi Robert

How did you install software on your jailbroken iphone when wireless was not working? I have the same issue and dont know how to install mywii to test


by John

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ok, lets try to sort it out a little bit.

you wrote about "mywi" - did you actually connect with the iPhone ? (especially - what distance did you have between the device you connected with the iPhone? - and of course - did you try to connect with the router - while you're standing beside the router?)

the first link didn't work - the second one isn't the wi-fi antenna

the wi-fi antenna looks like that: the connector is number 6 - so check the connection and of course check the contacts - if you bent the connector to much - the contacts could be broken and the result would be no or bad wi-fi reception.


if searched my sources a little bit and found a solution posted in a gsm forum by "MPhoneClinic" (the mobile phone clinic from melbourne/australia)

i searched for a larger picture of the PCB and marked the part that you have to change

Block Image

so, the good thing is - you know whats defect - the bad thing is - where to get the part and depending on the tools/skills you have - how to replace it.

but maybe you will find a good repair shop in your area who is able to fix it for you

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I made another test:

i disconnected the connector nr. 6 and startet "mywii.

i connected my phone with my mac and it worked fine.

also a distance of 4 meters, didn't change anything. (without the antenna on connector 6.)

Then i put my phone directly near the router (with and without the antenna on connector 6) but the phone doesn't find any network.

that's because i think, that the antenna on connector 6 isn't the wifi antenna.

but why can i connect the phone by using "mywii".

and when i search for a network my phone doesn't find any.

very stange problem.

by Robert

strange but almost common - read my update above

by markus weiher

Can you post the link of the site you have found? thanks a lot

by Robert

Can you please give me the direct link to the article. i can't find it

by Robert

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Hi! i was having this problem in my 3g and solved it by doing the following..

install bootlace, install idroid, boot in idroid, turn on the wifi - power off idroid boot on ios 4.x..

wifi working.. i tryed everithing else except for the hardware solution and nothing worked (except for the freezer thing.. that worked for some minutes)..

i have wifi working for 3 days now..

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The following clever little fix worked for me. I think what happens is the heat liquefies a broken solder point enough to reestablish contact. (I used the hair dryer option): http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=we...

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hi i am also heaving the same problum but the thing is my WiFi option is in gray light gray colour which means i cant even open it. plz help me out i cant buy an other iphone coz i dont have money

plz if any of you can help plz

my id is


Thank you

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The light bulb theory apple releases software updates that have hidden agenda to phase out older models forces us to upgrade to newer products. I've had 7 different 3 gs with the same problem that worked fine prior to os 3 series but after any is higher then that series wifi did not work I find that a bit odd


I meant 3 g model iPhones not "3gs

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i have the same problem in my wi-fi my iphone 3gs is not searching any wi-fi network i have checked it on 2 or 3 wi-fi connections but it is not searching any of them plz help me if someone can...

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i doubt anyone can answer this but... my iphone 3gs was restored to the whited00r 3.1.3 firmware and now the 3g dosnt work help please

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it might look crazy, but I put my iPhone 3g in the freezer for 30 minutes and the Wi-Fi is working, I had tried everything from re setting all that staff no work.

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well, If you want to have some minutes of wifi put your iphone into the fridge (cooler) near your frozen things... and in 10-15 min you take it away... you will get maybe 5 min of correct working of the wifi....

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