Model A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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HDD & SSD combo, is it possible?


I've been following iFixit and OWC for storage upgrade on my iMac. I always like the combo of HDD & SDD for speed and storage.

I also researched that the blade ssd ports at the back can only be fitted by genuine Apple approved blade SSD. But I found the combo is pretty impossible, unless I want to fork up close to a thousand dollars for Apple Certified Blade SSD.

I've been following the other guide for Can I add a SSD drive myself?(late 2013) and have found that user tjk4 found this adapter: Blade SSD Adapter/Module

Would this mean that I can have the combo that I have always wanted? Will this module bypass Apple only blade SSD to any 2.5" SSD?

If yes, where would I put the 2.5" SSD if the current HDD 3.5" is on its place?

User tjk4, if you see this post, what is your opinion? Would I be able to do the combo (HDD&SSD) now? I understand that the Blade SSD port is slower because it's PCIe, is this true? If it is slower, I don't mind because any slow SSD would definitely faster than HDD. As long as it is a combo, I will be happy.

Looking forward to all your wisdom, iFixit people.

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Latest news from a reliable source (

Our supplier OWC is currently in the process of manufacturing a kit like this. They are in the process of doing some testing of the Maxupgrade unit against their own before they release theirs on the market. They have indicated that it won't be very far away. At this point in time and in light of this we will be waiting for the OWC unit to become available as they are a reliable source of upgrade parts and will be able to guarantee that their kit will work with all the supplied brackets etc. Once it becomes available it will appear on our website for sale. Alternatively you are welcome to check back in with us in a few weeks to see if we have any further news on this unit being available yet for you.

There you go people, OWC is coming with solutions and we all know they're trusted brand. So I will keep a lookout for that product.


Hi all,

Thank you all for the responses.

I found another possibility for the late 2012 iMac (A1419) for dual SSD apart from that Blade SSD Adapter/Module I mentioned about.

Please check out:

This one seems to provide the mount as well. If anyone have tried this and seems to work, I think this is the way I'm going to go with. SSD and HDD combo.

Opinions on those two Modules? MaxUpgrades VS Microsatacables

They both seems to claim that they can use a standard 2.5" SSD on the BladeSSD port using those modules. Anyone care to give a thought? Does this really work? Anyone tried it before? Any drawbacks? Incompatibilities?


Just to remind everyone as well that his (user tjk4) thread was for the Late 2013 model. This thread is about the late 2012 model. Specifically the 27" iMac 13,2 - A1419 - EMC2546 model.

Because they're pretty similar unit, it's easily got confused. Even these modules i provided here doesn't seem to work with the late2013 model according to his thread.


Apple has three different SSD's using a similar connector on the logic board. In the case of the Late '13 models have a M.2 PCIe interface, but even that alone is not enough to make the given SSD compatible! It turns out the M.2 spec is loose on the data I/O of the connection so you need to have an SSD that is programed to work with Apples I/O interface (two matching units won't mean they will both work in your system).


The rub in your option here is the I/O speed of the SSD via the adapter unit. While this device may work I don't think many people have taken the plunge (like your self) as the amount of work to even get to the SSD connector to plug this in is quite a lot. The pictures from Max upgrades does not correctly reflect where the SSD unit in fact is (its on the other side of the logic board were it is superimposed). I would strongly recommend reviewing the IFIXIT guide to see if your up to the task and have the needed tools. Many people are just is a holding pattern waiting for a more known named vendor to come out with their options.


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IF you reread the thread he promised and update and guide in Dec of 13. That didn't happen. We don't know why.

Your Question should be a comment to tjk4 on his thread. You'll be talking to the right person then -- if he's still following the thread.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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Pumpkins - I concur with machead if you are looking for tjk4 to respond.

Frankly, I think he found this was a dead end. As you pointed out you need some place to mount the HD if you go that route. If you are installing two SSD's which are smaller you may find enough space to wedge them into a very tight system (space wise).

As to performance SATA III is slower than the new M.2 PCIe interface now in the late '13 models. Even still a given vendors product maybe faster than someone's else's.

For now we will need to wait to see who comes out with upgrades for the different systems. Some have shown and have some offerings available today. I would encourage searching the web for news clips to see if what you want is out yet.

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