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The Apple iPhone 5c was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

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U2 IC for iPhone 5C replacement

Hi Guys,

Last few days my iphone 5C is acting weird, Its getting hot, Its charging very slow and draining the whole battery in 90 minutes on standby. First few days it was not draining that fast but as mention above now its draining very fast.

I searched many forums and tried many things like deleting exchange, restoring and switching off SIRI but to no vale but one of the person mention that he changed the U2 IC and this resolved the issue. He was very clear that he used non certified iphone charging cable (Which is normal because Iphone battery is not excellent that it last long and you have to get it charge many times and sometimes you do it at your friend house and end up using non certified cable). I did the same and also i find out that IOS 7 + recognize the non certified cable straight away and it is damaging the U2 IC.

Now my questions.

1. What do you think about the issue? You think it is U2 IC problem?

2. I am trying to buy U2 IC but i am not able to find for 5C instead everyone is selling for 5 and 5S. So can we use a 5 or 5S IC for 5C? If not

3. Can you tell me the part name or number for this U2 IC for iphone 5C and the place i can get it from.

Last question is that is it easy to repair the U2 IC. In my country we do not have excellent repair shops and i already check with Apple retailer and they said that they cannot repair this. I still have water damage IPHONE 4S sitting idol in my table where i could not get the power IC changed because no one was able to change it in my city.

By the way i am in Saudi Arabia.

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did you replaced the u2 ic already by urself? seems it is not very easy.its too small

by mr128

i have the same problem with you. draining whole power take 5hour

by mr128

I am mobile repairer I have change that ic but I am not able to charge my customer phone and I am not getting voltage on battery connector anybody help

by quadeer

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it seems to be Someone misguided you. finding U2 on 5C like you waiting for jack sparrow in black sea! (i was kidding :-) )

Okey lets begin to troubleshoot your device,

**Keep in mind, before touch power ICs you should check few steps

1) Check whether liquid contacts indicates triggered, check any sign of liquid damages in the logic board


(logic board having triggers too )

2) Should check RF amplifier short circuit (4G/3G/2G and Wifi)

Charge the phone in off mode and turn on the flight mode / turn off the wifi and check whether standby time increase?

if you do in professional way : Connect power supply via battery connector and can be measure the power consumption step by step turning on connectives

3) Check any sign of burned components around PM8018, any corrosion?

4) Remove the Display touch pad FPCs. turn on the logic board and check either heating it like earlier

5) if No, check the LCD back light contacts resistance and drive voltages

6) If yes, Replace PM8018 : BGA reworking skills required.

if you have good oscilloscope i can help to find exactly where is the fault coming from.

Hope this answer help you to get it back to working in order


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Hi, can you clarify Step 2 "...Should check RF amplifier short circuit (4G/3G/2G and Wifi)

Charge the phone in off mode and turn on the flight mode / turn off the wifi and check whether standby time increase?..."

I have had a few devices (5c) that have issue with keeping time and time freezing when the display is sleeping.

See : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l13ctSCh...

Would this be caused by a bad U2 IC?

What do you mean by RF amplifier short circuit?


by Kaipee

I have an iphone 5S that stopped charging after the charger melted down. The battery drained until the phone died. I replaced the battery and the phone came on fully fonctionnel but it does not charge at all. It is possible that charging chip on logic board is dead or it is the charging port. My logic understanding say that if the charging chip is dead, the phone won't turn on even with a new battery unless there is bypass ?. Thank you for your help.

by ivmlab2

Dear Buddhika,

Can i take some question about mesurements by oscilloscope in private?

by luidefines

Sorry boys, i just sow the comments,

Kaipee, its not U2, try to restore iPhone via iTunes. sleep/wake issues not occur from U2

by Buddhika Mahesh

ivmlab2: Most probably U2 IC is faulty. before replace U2 check whether any sourrounding components were burned. check the lighning connector interface and check the 5V+ and - pins on logic board. i guess your charger melted down due to lightning or huge power surge

by Buddhika Mahesh

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Not easy. It is a bga repair.

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Block Image



by modes

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cool--is this your work? Did you use hot air or IR to put the chip back on? I'd love to train someone on U2 replacement and it would be great to know more about your experience here.

by jessabethany

can the u2s be removed without a heat gun

by dave

Dave, no. It's a BGA and requires reballing. you'll need more than a heat gun....

by oldturkey03

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Commenting on an old post for the sake of future reference for anyone who finds themselves reading.

There's lots of people who can provide U2 IC replacement on the iphone 5C/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+ these days.

You can find someone close to you at http://boardrepair.info

It is definitely not something I would suggest someone who does not already do complex Micro BGA work to attempt. I see enough of them damaged from prior attempts, and it results in a higher cost that going straight to the experienced folk :)

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i got the same problem,the u2 ic is burnt but in Romania everywhere i look at every phone service people refuse to repair it because here,replacing option doesnt exist.

by Anna Maria

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This is caused by an IC controller chip that is burnt out when it is damaged in any way it opens the circuit between the USB charger and the battery.

by Hosam

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The 5c is still under warrenty why will they not repair?

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Hi Con,

I bought this from another country and here the apple reseller does not accept international warranty. Anyways can you help with the Part number or name for this U2 IC?

by Zubair

Hello sorry I wouldn't have a clue about that part..

Still do by your phone is not covered by warrenty check this link it will tell you..

You will need to post the phone away.https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWar...

by con

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I am pretty sure Cyberdoc LLC does BGA repair. They have some excellent videos of reballing without a stencil of some other ICs, so you might want to try contacting them:


Here's a video of their work in case you're interested:


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Filip (from the video) lives in Moldova--but he would definitely have the skills to do it.

by jessabethany

Wow, really? This circuit board repair community must be small if one of the only options is in Moldova haha.

By the way, Jessabethany, I was looking at your work on iPhone circuit boards and gotta say, I'm impressed. I'm also getting into these types of repairs but am still a ways off from your level. Keep up the good work though!

by Jack

jessabethany, do you know how I can contact Filip? I also live in Moldova and need replacement for u2 ic

by tony

Filip does not offer board repair, he offers board repair solutions for other technicians. You can try asking if he knows anyone in Moldova who can offer the service for you at http://itesla.solutions but you are probably better just heading to http://boardrepair.info and finding someone you can mail the board to. Everyone there offers the service and is very talented

by Ben Duffy

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I have the exact issue, in my case the phone died completely. I am wondering if those retailers in the malls (kiosks) can handle the repair?

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