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iPhone stuck in headphone mode: what's broke?

Hey guys,

First of all I would like to thank you for your time and effort in advance! I'm from Holland, so I'm sorry if I say something weird!

Since a few days my Iphone 4S is stuck on headphone mode. Nothing happend: I didn't drop it, it didn't get wet. I just woke up, recieved a call and noticed that I couldn't hear what the other person was saying. No sound at all. So I used the speaker modus, and I could hear the other person perfectly fine, but trough the speaker ofcourse.

I noticed when I turn my volume up, or down, it states that my phone is in headphone modus. So I tried to solve that: I used compressed air to clean the jack, and I plugged and unplugged a headphone for about 20 times. Still the same problem.

I can't test if my earspeaker is working, because it's on headphone mode. So I don't know if the Phone is on headphone mode because of the malfunction of the earspeaker, or if the earspeaker won't work of the malfunction of the headphone module. I already ordered some tools to open my Iphone, but it would be nice to hear some experiences or advice before I open it. Maybe there's someway I can test what isn't working.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it: but with voice control, there is no sound trough the earspeaker. And if I use a headphone while listening to music, then unplug it, the Iphone stops playing the music. So I guess it recognises that the headphone is unplugged? If I press play again, the normal speakers won't work. So my best bet is that there's something wrong with the headphone module, but I'm far from sure. I saw this on Youtube, will this work? Is this any good?

Thanks again for your help!

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1 Answer

Hi there yes there is a simple way to diagnose the problem but it needs opened up

First thing is turn phone off and open up and disconnect the dock and turn on .

now when you do this u will not hear sound because that supply's power to the speaker but if it's at fault it will tell you if it's out of headphone mode..

You can also try disconnecting the headphone connecter inside if the first method doesn't work. These trouble shooting tips should help you pin point the problem..

Cleaning the dock connector on the outside with ISO alcohol could solve this problem but it might return it's best just to get rid of the faulty part

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Thankyou for your clear comment! I'll probably recieve my tools tomorrow, so I'll try it then!


No problem please update us


So I opened up my phone, did what the guy said on this Youtube video:

Didn't help. So I disconnected the dock, and it was out of headphone mode. I connected it again, and it is still working. So it might be that that was the problem since somethimes it would spontaneous work for about 3 hours. If it stops functioning, I will do the test again and replace the dock. Thanks for your help!


You know now it's the dock playing up and can change that when it's time to do so


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