Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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iPhone 5 will not boot.. constant bong noise on charge..

I have an iphone 5, and in the beginning i had an issue with the battery percentage being at 20 and the phone shutting off randomly. however when i plugged it back in it would charge

So i was away the weekend and this happened again and when I tried to charge it up to turn it on again this time it would not power up or find the cable.

So I thought ok as I could still see a lightning bolt cable on the phone showing i need to plug it in, I thought it was just the battery and dock port that went bad.. So i took it apart and ive put in a new battery and put in a new dock port..

Now the screen will not turn on and there is a constant beeping noise when in charge or a vibrate if i switch the slider.. (like the plug in charge noise, bong)

I dont know if i need to put a new screen onto it now.. Hopefully someone can help advise me..

Its weird cause I can see in itunes the phone is connected and is charging now.. but when i try boot the phone up when its not connected to a lighting power cable and when there is no screen attached it will not boot..

I wanted to see if i could hear noises cause i thought i might be able to determine it was the LCD in that case..

Does anyone know if you can boot the phone the up with the screen on it ? as in be able to hear noises etc.

Ive tried the hard resets etc. and even a different power flex cable..

does anyone know about the constant bong noise while on charge???

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That constant bong noise means that the screen is damaged have seen it happen many times before with people doing DIY repairs they lift the screen to high when removing emi sheild and damage the cables.. A new screen is was is needed

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Ok thanks Con, does the iphone boot up without being connected to a screen or cable though???


Yes it should boot up fine with no cables attached just watch you don't short anything as there is no way of turning of only by disconnecting the battery


So if I try to power it on without a screen attached to the phone or without a lightning bolt cable, I should still be able to hear it power up as in a vibrate tone???


If it doesnt power up with no screen attached or power cable attached does this mean the phone is screwed????


You will need to plug into iTunes and see if it reconises it with the screen cables disconected


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I had iPhone 5 with broken LCD .. after replacing it the same problem happened to me (boing noise while charging and black screen).

It appeared that I didn't connect one of the LCD's cables properly. After reattaching the cable correctly, my iPhone started working perfectly.

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How do you mean attached wrong? There is only one way to do this?


I think the two ways are 1.) snapped in all the way. 2.) not snapped in all the way.


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