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Comprehensive repair manuals on all portable tablet computers by Apple. Repairs are likely to require heat and careful prying.

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Unable to stop Digitizer from popping up

Hi Guys i know its been asked before but can someone please explain or even show a video/pictures of how to tuck the ribbon cable? ive done 2 ipad 3 and an ipad mini but Each one has come back with the Digitizer pushing up. I have read that i need to tuck the cable under the display and i believe it to be under the display but yet the pressure pushes it up.

Any help would be greaaaat

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My opinion is that the first reason for pushing up is the digitizer flat cable being folded and pinched between the glass and the aluminum frame.

If the digitizer is popping up first and foremost right above where the flat cable is situated, it means the above is true.

If the digitizer is getting loose right about every where, then you could be using the inadequate kind of double tape. I posted a link in the other review to the kind I've been using for the past year, and it holds everything perfectly in place.

Note that by following the exact steps in my review, I never have to use a book to weigh down on the digitizer. It just sits perfectly in place.

It could also be that the aluminum frame/case of the iPad is dented or bent (even slightly), not allowing the glass to fit in place.

I'll post later a picture of an iPad Mini that I'm repairing for you to see how I do it, in case it helps.

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Sorry Ben,

Can't add the image of the iPad Mini for now !

The repair was a logic board repair which we did, but the iPad is missing the LCD and digitizer - we are mopping out after a botched repair by another repair business, and the client is not yet decided whether to pay for everything or try to get something back from the other "fixers" so this item is left hanging until further notice.

And since then all we got are iPhones.. no iPad Mini's :)

Will get back to you with pictures as soon as possible.


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Hi Ben,

I answered in length to a similar question, please review it ipad glue/adhesive doesn't stick properly and let me know if the explanation's clear enough.

Good luck!

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Thanks Rany, Yes i do pretty much as your review says i allow the cable to go into the Gap yet it still gets pushed up Or is this normal? It could just be poor Adhesive i am using. 3M seems to not be able to hold it down. yes many people state that is the best to use????


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I agree with above answer, but will add that Ipad mini is different than iPad 2 and 3. Contrary to what seems intuitive, the digitizer flex bends toward the LCD in the original. If you bend it towards the bottom of the iPad you will get a crease that will eventually cause digitizer malfunction (quickly in the case of non-original parts).

Having a perfectly 100% square frame is essential in all cases.

I have been very happy with bowlertech adhesive for tough cases where the frame may have some slight irregularities. It is thicker and more forgiving than the other adhesives.

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Rany, i did think i was failing to get the cable in correctly but i am 100% sure it isnt between the Digitizer and aluminium Frame as i can see it slide in between the frame and LCD every time. I have ordered some of the Double tape you had linked and hopefully will see if that helps.

If you could share a picture of the iPad mini that would be great as i cant see how that cable can be slipped under the LCD.

Thakns so far for the help guys


I'm not Rany, but on the iPad mini plug in the LCD and digitizer connectors. Then connect battery (never before!). Lay the LCD down.

With the digitizer straight up, use a plastic spudger to push the digitizer flex TOWARD the LCD essentially making a LCD facing loop. Now lie the digitizer into place. The loop will be able to slip under the LCD. If you have already tried a few times you will probably have a crease in the flex---it wants to bend back toward the frame and not toward the LCD. You can try to straighten that out and get it to behave.



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I encountered the same problem replacing the iPad mini 3 screen digitizer poping out from the frame

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