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Blank Screen, No Backlight, Ok External

Hi everyone,

today after a small fall from a chair, even if the laptop was inside the protect shell and inside a laptop bag, my MBP started to have a completely blank screen, without backlight or images.

If I connect an external monitor everything works ok even if the internal monitor, from System preferences, is not recognized. All the service buttons work ok.

I tried to reset NVRAM and PRAM and switch on repair mode but none of this trials worked.

I think it's a problem of alimentation to the display, waht should I check? Could you link some guides in which I can see all the wirings related to the LCD?

Model No: A1286

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Ruben Di Battista, it is possible that the connector was jarred loose. Follow this guide to get to the LCD and all the wiring. Make sure it is all connected properly and that the cable is without rips or tears.. since your external monitor works, you at least know that your video circuitry is ok. If your cable is properly seated you have a cable more possibilities. It is possible that your LCD backlight is broken, you will have to replace the LCD. then there are some way deeper issues. Broken components on the logic board, i.e. LED driver etc or a shortened backlight fuse. I suggest you start with the cable, then the LCD then the logic board. If you own a multimeter or just an ohmmeter, you could check the fuse. Let us know what you find. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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Thanks for your answer, where the fuse is placed?


It is on the underside of the logic board. Reference designator F9800, it is a 2amp 32V smd fuse in a 402 package. Location is noted on the added image.


Just checked the cable (that was ok...) and kept the laptop out of the DC cable for about 4 hoursa and the monitor came back to life.

(The problem was probably software related because the laptop dropped when it was in sleep mode... I really don't know how to explain...)

Mysteries of the technology!


Not a mystery, they all do this. All 820-2850 boards are unfixable, unstable trash. :(


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I was able to replace the fuse, thanks to oldturkey03's note and photo. I tested the existing fuse with a continuity tester under 10X magnification so I could position the tester pins properly, and found there was no continuity through the fuse (fuse blown). I ordered the fuse on eBay, and then the fun began. This is a hard repair because the part is so very tiny (just a speck). I had the most trouble desoldering the old fuse. I soldered in the replacement as best I could (not that pretty). But the backlight is now on again, and everything is working. Thank you, OldTurkey.

I was wondering if anyone thinks this repair would succeed if , instead of removing the old dude, the new one is soldered on top of the old, with each end aligned over the ends of the dead fuse, thus completing the circuit.

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Sorry, "old fuse" not "old dude." Autofill!


Hey I was wondering if someone could walk me through replacing the fuse?


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