Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Trackpad physical click still doesn't work even after replacement.

I have a 13" Macbook Pro (5,5), Mid 2009. After a liquid spill that took out the keyboard and trackpad I replaced the upper case and trackpad, the battery...and while I was at it I moved the DVD drive to an external enclosure, added a SSD as my primary, moved my HDD into a secondary role, and upgraded to the maximum 8GB of RAM. The computer works wonderfully on Mavericks and I could easily see getting another year or so out of it.

The ONLY thing that I can not deal with is that after replacing the trackpad within a coulpe days the physical click stopped working. At first it was working every time... then it only worked on the right side near the corner, then only every 3rd time... and eventually not at all.

I purchased a second trackpad thinking that perhaps that was the issue. Once again, I installed it, it worked every time, then only sometimes in some places, and finally not at all. I switched back to the first trackpad I purchased and it worked again... only to suffer the same fate.

So, this appears to be an alignment issue.

My real question is: How do I get this permanently resolved?!?!

If I take this in to an apple store will they repair it and guarantee their work for long enough that I can be sure it'll work?

Any help would be much appreciated. I love this old machine, but not being able to drag and select is pretty awful.

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The battery is almost brand new and is not swelling. I've left the case open and examined the battery after hours of usage. NO swelling at all.

I have tried many different adjustments of the T6 screw from fully tightened out till it fell out. Fully tightened seems not enough, less than that gets no click. I've been considering adding some sort of extender to it because it seems like perhaps the pad isn't clicking all the way? The trackpad makes a perfect click sound and you can feel the physical click.

The little sensor/bump/nub on the trackpad that actually makes it physically click works perfectly and I can press it directly and it clicks every time. BOTH of the trackpads that I have work properly from that standpoint.

I've considered that perhaps the case is bent? I did replace the upper case, so I don't know if maybe this used upper case is warped? It looks fine. Doesn't seem to me that the unibody would be so sensitive that some minor wear and tear would cause for this level of trackpad failure.


Ben - Very odd... all of the trackpads I've replaced only needed the screw adjustment. Try using a good straight edge (metal ruler) across the face of the track pad frame is it bent some how?


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I'd also check the battery for swelling as this can cause the same symptoms. I got a 2010 machine in last week and the battery had swollen so severely that it popped the case and cracked the trackpad.

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Good point Mayer! +


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It sounds like you over tightened the T6 adjustment screw.

Open the system up again and looking at the bottom side of the upper case locate the screw as outlined in Step 40 in this IFIXIT Guide MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Upper Case Replacement. That should do it.

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