Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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Volume + Mute + Power Buttons & Right Speaker not Working!

Basically I dropped my iPhone into the Bath a week ago. Here's what course of action I took:

#1) Grabbed phone and removed it (was not submerged for more than 2 seconds)

#2) I held the power button to turn it off but the screen was not responding

#3) I ran upstairs and unscrewed the bottom two screw and lifted out the screen, followed by the logic board and dismantled the screen from the glass.

#4) Then I used a hair-dryer on a fast but warm air cycle to dry for around 20 minutes and afterwards left the parts to dry separately for around 4 days.

The result is a fully functioning iPhone 3G for afterwards. However my screen had white bits for a few days but now its entirely dry.


For about five days the phone was working fine until a few days later the power + volume + mute buttons stopped working and my phone is stuck on full volume which is very annoying whilst I'm in lessons. Also when I bought the phone the right hand side speaker near the dock of the iPhone did not work, only the left one functioned.

I didn't really care about the broken speaker but now I may as well try and fix it since I'm going to have to fix the iPhone non functioning Volume + Power + Mute buttons.

I have ordered a new headphone jack assembly because I have read that the reason my buttons don't work is due to this part.

So once I attempt to repair that I might as well try and fix my speaker.

My question is... How do I replace/Repair my loadspeakers???

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well the answer to your question is that i believe that you have the right parts needed to replace the headphone jack assembly and the proximity sensor, and to answer the second question of how the head phone jack works but the buttons do not, if you look closely at the ribbon cable you will see that there are a few circuitry lines running down the cable if you follow them from the connection end of the logic board you will find that each separate line runs to the designated buttons and headphone jack, when you dropped it in water it is likely that water seeped into the button areas and shorted the connection at the point were the button inputs the signal to the cable that runs to the logic board. But the headphone jack did not short because it is built in such a way that if water gets in it does not always reach the ribbon cable and short out the line, if it did apple would get alot of complaints on rainy days that peoples headphones were not working.

as for the dock connector piece i speak from experience of trying to disassemble the dock connector from the speakers, and in order for you to do that you must use a soddering iron to remove the ribbon cables from the dock assembly, i spent about an hour trying to replace this part and just finally gave in and went on ebay and bought the entire assembly brand new for like $15. So i suggest you save yourself the headache and just go buy one.

Replacing the proximity sensor is fairly simple just take apart the display unit like you are going to replace the glass but just use the guide on ifixit and let me know how it goes and dont hesitate to ask any other questions.

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Thank you once again for your prompt reply, however, I have one final question. Im in the process of replacing the button component and have noticed that the hold switch is attached or soldered to the device. How do I attach the hold button thingy to my replacement circuit which i've bought?


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ouch man that really sucks! i had a similar problem about a mount ago, i dropped my precious iPhone in a gutter in the rain while getting into my car. my speakers and headphone jack just died, oh and my dock connector was broken too. Here is how i fixed it:

1. take it all apart, removing the screen from the logic board and back(since you have no problems with that i suggest you set it aside in a safe place until reassembly), oh and side note be careful with that rubber gasket seal on the glass/upper half, it is nearly impossible to replace and looks trashy if you break it.

2. take out sim card with the sim card removal tool or paper clip, and then disconnect ribbon cable 4 and 5 and also six, use a spludger to do that. then remove the 8 screws specified in the iPhone repair guide. unclip the camera and lift out logic board and then pry out the battery with a spludger.

3. after you follow the guide to repair/replace you headphone jack, move onto this next part

4. reinsert the battery and remove the existing dock connector and mic/speaker system, unfortunately unless you are a master with a soddering iron, you wont be able to repair it(trust me i have tried).

instead you will have to go on ebay and search iPhone dock connector, and just buy one that you feel comfortable with, make sure it has the mic and speaker on it and also some of them have adhesive tape on the bottom and if you find one get one of those. you can also buy them from and that has a warranty so choose one you like and prefer.

5. after installation its time to put it all back together, FYI make sure the threads for the screws on the bottom of the iPhone are aligned with the holes. Let me know how it went and dont hesitate to ask any more questions

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First and foremost thank you for the concise reply. I managed to avoid any damage to my dock so im not too sure if stage 4 needs to be conducted by me.

Aha, I laughed when I read the side note about the gasket... Even before you answered my gasket has been foolishly damaged whilst I was learning the ins and outs of the iPhone, thanks for the warning though. I have ordered a replacement on ebay.

Just to update the situation i have realised that my proximity sensor is not working either. Im going to list a few things which I have on my desk at this very moment:

Are these the correct parts i need to repair the sensor and buttons?

Ps My headphone jack works funnily enough, however the buttons do not. They are connected via the same cable though, how can this be?


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