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Front glass display is broken


Hi, I use a mid 2012 unibody MacBook Pro and the front glass of my display cracked/ broke- i say it's just the front glass display because visibility isn't affected and there are no ink leaks- just the front glass is affected. My screen is the base model "LED backlit glossy widescreen display". Can I use this repair guide on the computer? MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Front Display Glass Replacement as I found the front glass display on amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0055U8X0Y...

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Yes those directions will work… as you can see it's an advanced DIY repair. Getting the new glass back on is almost as hard as getting the old one off… Think about (compare availability and prices) of doing an "in-place" DIY repair with the LCD already in the top case with new glass affixed (you can stop at step 20).

Remember to get new adhesive strips.

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Oh! Okay- I do know it is an advanced DIY repair, just needed to be sure if the 2010 directions will work as I wasn't sure if you could take off just the front glass on a 2012 display as my computer is the 2012 edition. Opting for the easier one- stopping at step 20 will a lot more expensive so I'd take my chances with removing and replacing the glass . Thank you

Obe Tolulope,

Only the Retina's display (so far) doesn’t sit behind a layer of glass, it is the glass.


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