Black Screen, Hooked up to External and still nothing comes up.

So as it says the screen is black i hear a chime when the power comes out and the usb ports work (have hooked up a external back lit keyboard which lights up) When hooked up to a external Monitor still nothing just wondering if there are any suggests on what to do.

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sounds like the nVidia 8600 GPU issue. ∑hat are the last three figures of your serial number (look in the battery compartment).


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I had a similar problem with my MBP. I don't remember, if it chimed when it came up, but the fans started up, and there was no graphics output on the screen or on an external display.

Before you go and buy a new logic board, I would recommend trying to "bake" it in the oven. If you replace it anyways, it is worth a try.

I've found this technique last week and tried it out on mine, after having the MBP stored in the closet for 2 years. It instantly booted, as if nothing happened.

1) For that, you need to completely remove the logic board from the notebook (see the iFixIt guide), and also remove any pads or plastic tapes from the logic board. Be also sure to remove the thermal paste and any dust.

2) You then have to build small cylindrical mounts (I made 5) out of aluminium foil, so the logic board won't touch the ground. You can place the mounts in the holes for the screws.

3) Heat your oven to about 220ºC (~430º Fahrenheit). When it reaches temperature, put the logic board on a tray into the oven and let it reheat for 1 minute. Reduce the temperature to 200ºC (~390º Fahrenheit) and keep it in for 5 minutes. After that, turn of the oven and partially open the lid, so the logic board cools slowly.

4) Reinsert the logic board and connect everything up again.

The reason, why this works in most cases, is, that the graphics chip is not soldered to the logic board, but mounted on a ball grid array, which sometimes causes it to loose contact. By baking it in the oven, the contacts get soldered to the chip, closing the lost connections.

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Part it out, or replace the logic board or GPU (the GPU is integrated onto the logic board)

When you do not see external video, or onboard display it indicates the GPU or logic board has big problems.

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Both guys here are correct.

The issue is your GPU and most likely due to the solder joints going bad.

Remove the logic board. Baking is a last resort, but there are several success stories. You can try using a heat gun first so that you can direct the heat... and if that doesn't work... then baking is again, the last resort.

MAKE SURE that you remove all of the plastic parts that are not permanent fixtures on the board.

(Foam cushions, tape, and the two brackets at the top of the logic board. I know they look like metal... but they are not.)

If your GPU is bad, and you are not skilled with a solder gun... then one of those two methods to reflow the solder are you only two options before replacing.

You can always sell your broken LB to companies that repair and resell them if it doesn't work.

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