Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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Mic randomly stops working during calls, even with earbuds.

Last night my girlfiend dropped her iPhone 4. The screen is smashed, and I will take care of that as soon as the repair components get here. The touchscreen works so I was going to let her use the phone even if cracked.

The problem is her mic stop working during calls, che can hear me but her voice is gone. If she shakes the phone a little the audio comes back, and stays on if the phone is kept on a still surface.

My first suspect was on the ambient mic shorting or something like that, I know it's a common issue. So I tried to turn on the Hear Aid option under accessibility which was supposed to fix the problem but no luck, her voice still fades away at times.

Still that seems the thing since Facetime works correctly and so do video and sound recording.

I tried the "cardboard fix" that solved the problem for many but that only slightly improves the situation.

The problem is I'm not sure how to deal with this since the Hear Aid option was SUPPOSED to work...any ideas? I'm quite desperate at this point.

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That rules out the audio ic chip

Next troubleshoot will be to change the accual mic that's in the dock connecter.

So a new charging port will he needed..

When using FaceTime and voice memos it uses the top mic that is attached to the power flex..

When she's on a call can people hear her when on loud speaker cause when on loud speaker it uses top mic..

Bottom mic when on normal call

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No, loud speaker makes no difference.

To be honest, are you sure voice memos uses the top mic? I did some testing and covering the bottom mic while recording causes the volume to drop. This thing does NOT happen if I cover the top mic which, as I recall, serves ONLY as ambient noises reduction.

Anyways, on loud speaker neither mic works.

Last week I opened the phone while it was turned on and made a phonecall. We managed to realize that applying pressure (I used a small screwdriver) to the area where the cardboard should be putted in the famous fix, would make it work. Still there was no way to have it to work even putting a very thick cardboard piece.

Should I keep on trying with this kind of fix until I get it right? Because that at least seems to solve the long as you put pressure with the back of the phone opened up.


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When the mic stops can she hear anything out of the ear peice?

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When the mic stops she can hear perfectly fine. She hears what the other people say but they cannot hear from her.

Next weekend I'll have some more time to try fixing it. If you have any suggestion, it's welcome.


It's the audio ic chip that's the problem then

Cut a small peice of a unused credit card that's the thickness you need now when you put the guard back on it will not fit but that's ok when screwing down the motherboard this will apply extra presssure on the spot


Thank you very much for your support Con. I did it, put a small piece of credit card under the guard on the IC chip and the phone is working perfectly. Now it's the screen assembly turn but I can take care of that by myself.

Thank you SOOOO much.

Best regards.


That's great glad that helped you it's not a permanent fix but I have done in the past and it works well.. A reflow on the chip should sort it but it's could damage the phone so the credit card is the way to go..


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