MBA got a little drunk and now won't boot, chime, or POST.

My friend's MacBook Air had a little tequila and now is hungover and not booting up. It doesn't chime either (POST), so I am suspecting that the logic board will need to be replaced. I connect a power supply to it and the light turns orange, and when I disconnect the battery and reconnect the power cable, the light turns green. That tells me that the I/O board is working correctly, right? My next guess is that the power button is not functioning, but I am not sure if that is part of the logic board or not... Can someone let me know if I need to go the full monte on this thing and repair or replace this logic board? Or am I overlooking something simple?

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I guess my question should be more specific... How can I know for sure that it's the logic board that is the problem? If I have already replaced the I/O board, and the power supply works fine to boot another computer, is that the next logical thing in this machine for me to replace if I am getting no POST? Or is there a way to replace the power button without replacing the entire logic board?

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We have guides, and tags. Follow the tags at right and study the Guide for the particular machine to see what is involved in repairing liquid damage. The power button is integrated into and runs through the top case/keyboard.

You will have to inspect the logic board for corrosion, burn marks, swollen components. "Simple cleaning" may restore it (though a logic board clean is not really simple). Most DIY replace a damaged logic board - it's easier. Cleaning and de/re soldering or replacing logic board components requires special tools, and lots and lots of small electronic soldering practice.

Obtain the recommended tools before you start - every job is easier when you use the proper tools.

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The power button is part of the keyboard. I've done several of these and in 80% the logic board required no work or worked after cleaning. The logic board is fairly well protected from keyboard spills. Most of these just require an uppercase replacement. About a third of the ones I've done required a Mag-Safe board replacement. As far as i know there is no way to determine if the logic board is bad till the uppercase has been replaced. Also getting a used uppercase usually requires an extra hour or two of labor because recyclers tend to remove a lot of things that are of no use to them and only add a lot of labor to you. I haven't bought one from iFixit but theirs are probably done more thoughtfully and are more complete.

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