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Battery not working and running iPhone without battery

I Want to ask you, my iphone 4s, 4x already replace the battery, when the battery is completely discharged, the battery would not charge at all on, when in turn on without charger only black blank, but when I plug the charger iphone starts normally and only up to 5 minutes he will restart again, and the battery indicator lights up 100% like without batteries, I like the battery is not working, but when I change the battery still has its new to my iphone, but can burn quickly once the battery runs out and the conditions of temperature can reach 37 degrees Celsius.

Please take the master of the solution. Thank you

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Afriyadi, you did not tell us if anything happened to the phone prior to this. It sounds like a problem with the charging circuit. I'd start with the dock connector (since you already changed the battery with a new one), then open the phone and check all the charging components. This could be caused by a failed/damaged charging coil. Check for any physical damage, or if you have the knowledge and tools, check for function. You want to start by checking 3 inductors. For that, of course, you need a multimeter, or at least an ohm meter, to check for continuity. I hate to refer to those as fuses, but they most certainly control part of the charging circuit. First one is reference designator L3, it is a FERR-120-OHM-1.5A inductor. L4, right below it , has the identical value. Next would be the charger inductor L28 2.2UH-1.8A-155MOHM. All of these are pretty much available at mouser. com or Check the Diode D604, located just above L28. Hope this helps, good luck.

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hank you very much for answering my question .

It seems very severe what happened to my iphone . I do not understand about these components , for now I can still use my iphone , but the battery can not be less than 10 % because it will cause the battery can not be used again . to previous experience , my iphone exposed to rain , then I realized that my iphone rather wet . I try to check my iphone , but I was hasty to plug directly into electricity , I turn iphone in such circumstances, when lit looks like the iphone does not use batteries and the battery indicator shows me the 100% mark .

Please look this picture:

Screws Securing

I lost the screws securing the battery connector to the logic board, what happens when I turn on my iphone without securing screws, as shown in a picture, thank you very much.


In that case I would definitely treat the water damage first. The best thing to do is to stop using the device, (remove the battery) and to totally disassemble it. Then clean it with +90% isopropyl alcohol. This will displace the water and stop corrosion. It it okay to submerge a board in isopropyl alcohol. After that, air dry all the components. Do not forget to clean the connectors on the board as well as the cables. Then re-assemble with a new battery This is not optional but a must to avoid failure later on. You'll also need to use the proper screw for the battery.


oldturkey03, Thank you for replying to my question.

I've been doing and try to clean the logic board in alcohol 70%, but not 90% isopropyl alcohol, this is a dangerous impact on my iphone?

I am still confused to cool my iphone, because temperatures reaching 36 degrees celsius obtained. I've tried to put a thermal pad on each chip in the logic board, to cool down the temperature, but there is no temperature change at all. I was very confused, why is my iphone so hot.

Thank you so much @ all.



&0 % is okay and will not harm your phone, but it will also not clean as well. Replace the battery next


oldturkey03, ok, thanks for the advice, I will report again for the sequel, as I use 90% isopropyl alcohol . :D


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