After HDD replacement, how to handle loud fans in Bootcamp?



Recently I've replaced the stock HDD that came with my iMac with a Samsung SSD. While the replacement was rather easy, it comes with a small issue that has already been talked about at OWC and other sites--if you add a non-Apple HDD or SSD, the fans of the iMac will fallback into a "safe mode", running at full speed because the new SSD cannot communicate properly with the built-in temperature regulation of the SATA cables.

You can order a specific data cable with an attached temperature sensor to build into the iMac together with an aftermarket SSD, but there's also a quick software solution on OS X: I used "ssdfanctrl" to regulate the iMac's fans according to the SMART status of my Samsung SSD.

However, I wonder what the situation on Windows (using Boot Camp) would be like--without any software fix installed, would the fans run like crazy again because of the "incompatible" SSD/cable connection?

If that is the case, does anyone know of a good software solution "for Windows" that can control an iMac's fans? So far I've found two applications, but I'm still not sure whether they would be compatible with my iMac:

  • "Lubbo's MacBook Pro Fan Control": Seems like it only works for portable Macs
  • "Speedfan": I didn't find any information whether it is compatible with an iMac

Before I install Windows again, I would like to hear if anyone has already some experience with this issue, as I would prefer not to spend additional money on a new SATA data cable by OWC if I can just use a compatible software. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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First I don't like the software solution as it has issues effecting the systems performance (hardware IRQ via SMART to read the internal HD sensor) and the inability to work with other OS's (as you have discovered). I would strongly recommend setting up the external thermal sensor method.

If on the other hand you were running a VM with Windows on top of OS-X the software solution is still engaged and will manage the fan.

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