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Bootcamp Driver issues, Red Light in port when in Windows 7.

I recently installed a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64(64 Bit) through bootcamp and i have a problem.

I am unable to install the bootcamp 3.0 software in Windows 7.

I get a message that says that x64 bootcamp is not supported on this system.

I know for a fact that it is supported.

It is not imperative that I get all of the bootcamp software running but as of this moment I have NO sound at all(even headphones and speakers are unresponsive), my trackpad is semi-retarded, and all of the function keys are unresponsive, along with the Tab, Eject and Command Keys.





I installed the Realtek Sound Drivers and I have sound now.

A more pressing issue is that I do NOT have any Fan control.

When i am im Windows 7 my fan is either off completley or Maxed at 2000rpm. its a 30mm fan I believe and the true Max RPM sould be somewhere around 7500, so that is not enough to keep the system running.

Even with my chillpad the system is dangerously close to overheating.

In summary, I need a Driver for the fan, and a Keyboard/Trackpad Fix.

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Is this the 32bit or 64 bit version?


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Yeah that's probably the issue then, Boot Camp does not officially support 64 bit, (thought I have heard some people have got it semi-working), therefore there are plenty of errors surrounding it, especially drivers. The only models that officially support it are the 15 and 17" MacBook Pros. You'll have to run 32 bit instead (call microsoft, they're usually great with all of this, you can probably get a free 32 bit version from them if you tell them that you mistakenly bought the 64 bit version and it was not supported by your HW).

You can alternatively try to download some sort of Windows Fan control app, however you really need the native drivers.

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Oh Crap, thats what i was afraid of. Although that is typical apple, Making the lower end stuff semi-shabby and the high end stuff exceptional.

I already have both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit Disks. Oh well.

I suppose i will make due with my chill pad for a few more months and see if apple decides to release a 64 Bit support package. if not ill throw a 32 bit ultimate on here...although that kind of defeats the purpose of HAVING Pro or Ultimate...



Yeah that's the sad truth, but I doubt you'll see any support coming anytime soon, it'd be best to install 32 bit and have a fully functioning OS.


Oh and, if you feel this answered your question, could you please click the "accept answer" option above the answer. Thanks.


haha. i will.




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It is 64 Bit. x64 means 64 bit. x82 means 32 bit.

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