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Error says paper jam, but there is not. What could cause this?

I have an artisan 837 all in one. It was working perfectly fine yesterday. Today it is telling me I have a paper jam. I went through the steps it told me to take 3 times. There is no paper jammed anywhere! each time I would finish with the steps and turn it back on, it would make a grinding sound, and then I get the same paper jam error message. I need some helpful advice if anyone has seen this before, please tell me what I should do.

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I have the w3540 it kept saying paperjam but no paper present in it.took all ink cartridges out and place in working now..thanks

by ladyportier99

Folks, There's a good lesson to be learned here; never pull the paper out from a jam in the opposite direction. Always pull a paper jam out in the direction the paper path is taking it.

by Nathaniel Miller

Latest Artisan 837 paper jam and error message caused by the iPhone iOS 9.0.2 update. Printing from phone caused a lengthy grinding sound then the paper jam/wrong paper size error message. After which I was unable to print from any source. After several hours on tech support and another hour researching new printers per the recommendation of the Epson rep, I reset again and tried printing from my computer. It worked until I tried again from my iPhone. After the iPhone error message, I was again unable to print from any source. So the glitch, this time, clearly is Apple related.

by ddlloyd

I have an epson wf 5690. It reports a paper jam every time the paper runs out. When I add more paper the trouble does not clear and there is never paper jammed in the machine. I have to turn off and turn on the printer to get it going again. Not what I would expect.

by rswillner

I have an epson l355 It reports a paper jam every time the paper runs out. When I add more paper the trouble does not clear and there is never paper jammed in the machine. I have to turn off and turn on the printer to get it going again. Not what I would expect.

by abhay MISHRA

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Hello Kathy, Your printer makes a "grinding sound". This is usually to two areas:

1. Related to the printhead rail. It is either ink residue or dry. Try cleaning it with some water.

2. Paper pick up roller(s) not pick up. Clean them with a terry cloth towel that has a little water or a multi-purpose cleaner.

Good Luck...

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I also sent epson a email and the support person told me to move the print head to the left side and try restarting the printer. I tried that 3 times and the grinding sound and the paper jam message still comes up. i am going to try cleaning the rail and see what happens. I can see black ink on the print head rail. I just don't want to damage the printer more. wish me luck.

by Kathy

i have the same problem,Oleg

by nushasobaka

THANK YOU! This worked for me!

by carly w

hi @nushasobaka, which of the suggestions did work on your printer. i am currently experiencing the same problem...

by Ronald Ceriales

yes, removing the cartridges and then preplacing them one at a time also worked on my wf-3540. Thanks!

by rich

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So for me the idea of removing all the ink cartridges and reinstalling them one at a time and moving the carriage over to the far left worked. All is working now. Thanks Andrew

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I took the ink cartridges out one at a time and for some freak reason it works now! THANK YOU!

by judithransom

It works good

by John Cena

nice , thumbs up !

by Uzaki Shizuka

hello my what causes epson printer to pour inks at same time


I found one of the 4-5 white tapes which are supposed to travel with the printheads, had gotten caught on the end of the rail, thereby preventing leftward motion of the entire printhead, and creating the grinding noise. The affected tape had an impression of the end of the rail on it, and had deformed from its usual shape. This is a design flaw (IMHO). However, following Andrews suggestions, and manipulating the tapes, seems to have corrected the problem of the paper jam message, when no paper jam was present.

by Albert Einstein

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I have a WF-3540. I got the same message while trying to print my tax return. What worked for me? After 10 minutes of losing it, I took out all of the ink carts and powered off. The printer asked me to replace the ink. I reinstalled and it worked!

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Worked a treat! Would it be tempting fate to ask why?

by pavementpounders

Thank you, that worked brilliantly. It did cost me two cartridges that were suddenly not recognised, but at least the printer is still usable! We thought it was a goner, so thank you ever so much.

by opochat

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Had the problem with a SX440W and after some hours trial and error and chatting with the support, who told me to send it in for 95 Bucks, I finally found the error.

I had a real paper jam and pulled the paper out backwards. At the bottom of the top paper feed there is a black plastic stick, which is the paper jam sensor. When pulling out the paper, the stick did not switch back. I opened the printer top (2 screws) and put the stick back where it belonged. After that it prints like new!

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08.09.2015: Espon WP-450 - Phantom Paper Jam

This might be a bit different but today I had issue with phantom paper jam, only when I printed from Firefox. All files that were on the PC printed fine. So figured there had to be something up some where other than the printer..

So....I had loaded HTC phone software to my computer. This is the only think different from the day prior.

So I deleted the software and the drives through uninstall, but it did not remove the HTC file under C:\Program Files (x86) HTC (file has 6 folders in it) - so, I went to manually delte the HTC folder and could not do so. It still had something running, not could not be deleted.

So, went in and deleted one by one, till I was left with the file that was running: Internet Pass Through Service exe.

Went to task manager to shut down and denied access thinking if I shut it there I could delete it.

So approached it through Services (tab in lower right corner of task manager)

Services opens up, scroll down until you find the Internet Pass Through Service (name might not contain all words, but you will see it)

Right click on it and stop it.

Then go back and delete the file.

Problem solved, printer now works fine.

Hope that helps anyone else with this type of issue.

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October 3rd, 2015 (FIXED)

Hello all,

I had the same issue after a 'paper jam', I'm using Epson Stylus NX100. After MANY issues leading up getting my printer to print again, once it started working and tried to print for the first time in a year I got this crap.


My solution, was to create another jam since I pulled the paper out from the top (going the opposite direction as the paper should have been going). I had to remove the scanner (A couple ribbon cables), it snaps right back on, there's a little door you can push out to access to reconnect them. Then comes the outer shell part, which is much more simple (3 screws on the back), there is also a ribbon cable that happens to be the power cable so don't forget to put it back!

Once you get the paper to the end of the tiny black rollers attached to the white plastic pieces there is a gear on the left side that has some sort of clear plastic piece on it. Gently roll that so it feeds the paper further down. Let go about half way down. Put everything back together and you should be good to go!

I also had non eom ink cartridge issues, and lots of "empty ink" following up to this. I was able to fix that and would gladly explain to anyone who may be having the same problem.

I hope everyone has got this problem fixed or at least this helps!

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i dont undersand what are u say

please describe step by step solution for epson m 200 issue, every copy it says paper jam clik ok and remove the error, and very slow coping please help me out to resolove this problems.

by Sunil Verma

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I have an Epson SX435W that came up with a warning on the printer screen. W02 warning paper jam. There was no paper jammed, no miss feeds the paper feed path through the machine was clear. I solved the problem by going to the maintenance menu and selecting change cartridges. select this option, lift the scanner lid to show the cartridges, the machine will then take the cartridges to the area on the right of the machine where you can remove them. Remove the cartridges and put them to one side. Turn off the power, remove the mains plug. then leave the machine lid open and let it remain unpowered for AT LEAST one hour. During this time I flushed the printer heads through using a kit called Pristine Cleaning Fluid from Amazon at £6.99. I actually let it stand for over an hour. After head flushing make sure you push the cartridge carrier back to exactly the same position on the right hand side of the machine. Of course you can skip this step altogether. Plug the machine back into the mains, switch on then the menu will tell you to install the new cartridges go through installation procedure in the normal way and hey presto my machine was back as before no paper jam warning and I printed off thirty pages just to be sure. One final point after installing the cartridges the menu will show charging the system. Lots of whirring and buzzing it seemed to take quite a while so be patient. Good Luck Allan Q

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I don't know if you can help, but my Printer Epson workforce wf2530. I have just started to get the following message Paper jam open the scanner remove paper turn off the printer. This happened after we had switched it back on after switching printer off (taking all cables out and moving the printer) and moving it into my Son's bedroom so we could decorate our bedroom. We looked inside the printer with a torch and could find no paper or anything else, I also turned printer upside down. someone said it could be paper feed sensor. ??? where. also been told to clean sensor under printhead and flush printhead. Going to get a bit of sleep as had a bad night. need to get this sorted as need photos printing for my mum who is in a care home, before the weekend. also took off all related files to Printer off Computer to see if this helped but message still showing on control panel LCD screen. at this moment in time just want to smash printer up, as its out of warranty by 6 months. Thanks for your help.

by saricaalaitkensmith9

Hi re my earlier post on paper jam. I am not au fait with with the WF2530 but am sure there must be quite a bit of commonality with these printers So sorry to hear about your Mum. What I think is worth doing before we get stuck into the printer. Is get the worry of printing the photo's off for your Mum. If they are on disk or SD card, take them to Tesco or Morrison's, and I believe Lidl's, these all do a photo printing service. My friends use them and say it works out cheaper than buying the paper and doing it yourself and the quality is excellent. If they need to be scanned and copied they may be able to do that as well. It's 7.20am Thursday morning and have a lot to do today but will come back later and see what. you think. By sheer accident I looked at this site before going to bed last midnight, so glad I did will do my best to help. Cheers :-)

by Allan Quinnell

Thanks for replying to my post, did what you said and printed the photos so that is solved. Still want to solve printer problem, I also received this reply I found one of the 4-5 white tapes which are supposed to travel with the printheads, had gotten caught on the end of the rail, thereby preventing leftward motion of the entire printhead, and creating the grinding noise. The affected tape had an impression of the end of the rail on it, and had deformed from its usual shape. This is a design flaw (IMHO). However, following Andrews suggestions, and manipulating the tapes, seems to have corrected the problem of the paper jam message, when no paper jam was present.

January 4 by Albert Einstein

Will see if this is problem and post if it worked or not.

Also have similar problem with Brother T96 Fax Phone Answer Machine which keeps saying Cover open please close cover pls cover even when the cover is closed.

by saricaalaitkensmith9

Bought a Epson WorkForce WF-2630 Four-in-One for the Small Printer with Wifi and AirPrint (Print/Scan/Copy/Fax) as I need a Printer but still going to try & fix the Epson WF2530.

by saricaalaitkensmith9

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Epson WF-2540: paper jam, squealing noise on power up.

I tried cycling the printer off/on; gently inverting the printer; cleaning the printer rail (there wasn't any sign of residue); blowing compressed air around; removing the ink cartridges; all to no avail.

HOWEVER, I noticed that the approx 10" x 1-1/2" clear plastic paper dust-cover thingy that normally has integrated pivot pins on either end, was missing one of the pins - someone (I have 4 kids) had broken it.

I removed the paper and peered down the slot with a flashlight, and lo and behold, I thought I saw a tiny piece of plastic wedged in the paper intake rollers. My son held the printer upside down while I poked up into the paper slot with a long skinny knife to dislodge what turned out to indeed be the broken off plastic pin.

The printer works fine now :-D

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My epson wp610 had a phantom paper jam - ck'd every answer after I installed a new CIS ink system and could not find a solution that worked.

Finally, someone gave me a clue in these answers, took out cis, pushed air thru each ink nozzle in unit, then reinstalled cis.

Worked first time. Something must have been blocking nozzle, I never found any debris.

Hopes this helps some one.

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Epson xp300 paper jam every time even with no paper. i took it apart and found out exactly what is going on with these printers. i also took pictures of the area that needs attention. it's a simple fix and it's due to epson's poor design. they have not allowed enough material to hold the paper jam detector in the correct position. The sensor works off of a small black or brown piece of plastic that runs across the back of the roller assembly that catches the edge of the paper to get it started into the carriage area. One end goes to the main circuit board and controls a hall effect switch, the other end goes to the middle of the paper feed area and has a thin arm that sticks in between the rollers and it swings when paper is fed past it. When it swings the hall effect switch is open. meaning the switch is not detecting the normal blocked state by the arm. the arm will swing to open the area that is normally closed and will block the path of the switch.

So the cause of the jam is due directly to the tabs that epson has in place to hold that black or brown arm in position. The tabs will eventually sag downward and will either bind up the arm so it cannot fully swing closed again or it will move the thin part so it hangs up on the rollers and will not allow the arm to fuller return to the position it needs to be to close the gap in the Hall effect switch. First thing I did to confirm this was to push on the arm where the hall effect switch is on the board and it stopped the paper jam instantly. So there is a need to examine exactly why the arm is not fully closing.

Mine had to be adjusted on both tabs and also needed to be adjusted in and up, meaning i had to bend both tabs upward to get the piece that blocks the hall effect switch back into a fully closed position which it did look as though it was doing until i looked closely at the position and saw it was a tiny bit lower than it could be. then I saw it was also hanging up on the other end between the rollers. So that needed to be re-centered between the rollers. to do this you will have to bend the tabs left or right (both tabs will probably need to be bent to position it in place and not allow it to have any free play.

I used a very thing flat screwdriver and a magnifying glass with a bright light. The position is actually not that critical it just needs to be positioned correctly so it blocks the hall effect and is not hanging up. It will take about 5 minutes to fix, I removed 4 screws 1 on the center of the back piece near the bottom, another from the top left of the scanner (while facing the back of the printer) where the hinge is located there is a screw running into the hinge. then carefully remove the scanner and unplug the ribbon cable on the right side.

You will need to remove the back plastic cover piece that is under the scanner and that screw is on the left side near the hinge area just behind the hinge. the screw will be running horizontally and will have the head facing left. there is also another screw that holds the white hing in place it's just at the base of the hinge down inside the printer body a n inch or so. Then remove the cover piece by pushing it to the right and up, you may need to pry it slightly on the right edge to get it started. twist it upwards while pushing. this will expose the main board and the black arm very easily seen and very easy to access to correct the position. test it with the cover or the scanner back in place before you go any further. if the jam is cleared unplug it again and reassemble the cover and the scanner don't forget to plug the ribbon cable in before the cover goes back on.

It's just that simple. i think it happens over time from normal use since epson has made the tabs so weak and they probably only set that arm to barely clear the rollers it won't take much to create a problem. i would go as far to say that they do this on purpose just to make extra money. it could easily be avoided with a tiny bit more metal allowed on the tab or just a simple extra bend on the edge to add a tiny bit of rigidity to stiffen the tab and hold the the position better. This would not even cost epson anything to stop the problem, I'm sure they know exactly what's causing it and are happy it has made them millions. You will never get any real answers from their tech support and they will make even more from you calling, they will never admit they know nor will they ever tell anyone to even consider looking at that area. They will lie to every single person who calls and try to get them to buy another printer and trade theirs in, so they can bend the tabs in 5 minutes and resell it again.

Block Image

Block Image

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Johnny Long here from Hendersonville NC. Have a WF-3540... same problem. Tried all the solutions posted here - no cigar. FOUND THE SOLUTION - will work for this model and most others, I suspect. I opened the back of the printer (remove rear cover) and noticed in the center of the paper path, there is a 3/16" wide plastic tab. That senses whether there is paper in the path. You need to GENTLY insert a letter opener - or the flat blade of a dinner knife and cycle that tab up and down. VOILA'! Your printer will reset and remove the paper jam message. See my photo for the tab in the CENTER of the paper patch. Now, ENJOY YOUR PRINTER! - Johnny

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