While turning on my computer it freezes at a black screen?

after i power it on all of the buttons turn blue like always and then about 2 seconds later it freezes at a black blank lit up screen. please help all family pictures are saved on there.

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This one is a definite GPU failure. No question about it. Even though I'm pretty sure it's the nVidia GPU going belly up, check with a external to confirm that but I won't be shocked if it is a bad GPU. You can tell a bad/failing GPU if it does anything like this

  • POST problems. If you have this one, check the RAM out. If the RAM passes, it's the GPU.
  • Black screen problems. Dead giveaway of a big problem. Once again, because I know people will blast me for not saying use a external to verify do that too.
  • Windows lockups at startup outside of safe mode on a external display. If it does it on the external, this is a bad GPU for sure.
  • On screen garbage.

Personally, I wouldn't fix the laptop. Just get the data off and trash it. To put it bluntly, the cooling is trash and the machines are known garbage. HP never acknowledged it to the best of my knowledge.

  • Boot the computer in safe mode. press F8 to do this. Be aware this will not work on well damaged systems. This only works if the damage is major enough to crash the boot normally. This is rare, though. Most of these die so hard you need to use method 2.
  • Log into the hidden admin account or your account on XP. Windows Vista and up hides this. In this case, make it active or use your account.
  • Save the data to a flashdrive.

If the GPU is so wrecked Safe mode doesn't work, things are a little harder. You'll need to open the hard drive bay(s) and remove the drives. After this, you can either put them in a PC with spare SATA ports or a USB enclosure to get the data off.

Don't take this as Bible on the procedure, but this is how I did it on the DV9000 I had to work on. Mine had HDD access doors. Yours may not have this, so be aware now.

  • You'll see two doors on the bottom of the laptop that hold hard drives. These are marked with 3 platters and 1 AND 2 on dual drive models. Single drive models only have the HDD symbol. Remove 2 screws and lift the doors off.
  • You'll see some screws holding the caddies in the plastic case. Remove them. Once again, store in the HDD bay.
  • These machines use a funky SATA adapter. Remove this and slip it in the laptop for sake keeping. Do this for both drives on a dual HDD model.
  • After this, remove the 4 screws from the caddy If putting in a USB enclosure. If you use a USB enclosure you have to do this..

Here is how to remove your Hard Drives(it covers up to the Motherboard, so stop at the Hard Drives)

After this, find the drive on your computer and locate the following folders

Windows Vista and up: Users

Windows XP: Documents and Settings

Once you find this, dump the whole folder to a good machine and pull your data.

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I had two of these and both times the gpu went on it, they run too hot so the gpu either fries or needs reballing. It's possible sometimes to rescue them by reflowing the gpu with a heat gun, this melts the solder again and fixes any dry joints.

To get your info off the laptop you can try plugging it into a tv or monitor with a VGA / monitor cable, as a lot of the time you can still get a picture on the monitor when you can't on the laptop screen, I know this was the case with both of mine that died.

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ive had the same issue for me it was the lcd inverter went out so the black screen was actually the screen going dim i could barely notice the windows startup if i put the brightness to max.

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